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Raw Alchemy Ice Cream (Nut and Sugar Free!) and Reset Your Body In 7 Days…

Posted May 31 2012 11:05am

Man oh man, I have an unbelievably good recipe and an exciting opportunity for you today!

As the weather heats up here in the States where I am touring and speaking throughout June, I am finding myself craving icy treats along with my normal much-loved fare of juices, salads and veggies.

I am also wanting to consume, as always, the highest quality ingredients, load up on minerals, “superfoods” and herbs and ensure that every morsel that goes into my body is not only incredibly tasty, clean and healthy but also the most nutrient-rich food I can find.

You might not think ice cream could fit this description but I am here to prove you wrong and even shock you with how awesome this recipe is on all these counts. Be prepared to faint a little with the shock and exclaim loudly…you might want to move away from co-workers now… ;)

Before I give you the recipe, I have an exciting opportunity to share with you. That inspirational Philip McCluskey and I have been hard at work again creating another fun, value-packed program for you to participate in at the Academy Of Optimal Living .

I’m thrilled to introduce our new program Reset: 7 Day Juice Cleanse .

In this fun new program, Philip and I will guide you through a 7 day juice cleanse with specific guidance for every day of the cleanse to achieve maximum results with ease.

We bring our personal and professional experience of helping thousands of people successfully cleanse, fast, lose weight, gain health and confidence so that you too can know just how healthy and vibrant you can look and feel. Starts June 25!

Click here to enroll right away (you can even pick your price or apply for one of the limited scholarships!)

You’ve failed at every single attempt to lose stubborn, excess weight and keep it off
You feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained
You have been defeated in the past by self-doubt, a lack of confidence and have got nowhere, no matter how hard you have tried dieting, counting calories and exercising
You’ve been looking to increase your energy and improve your skin health
You’re confused and uncertain about what it really takes to overcome the hurdles that block you right now from completing a juice cleanse…

If you can say YES to any one of the above then this course is ideal for you .

If you’d like to – shortcut your way to getting results and avoid the most common mistakes made by people on juice cleanses… so you exude confidence and success, feel better about yourself, and guarantee that this is the year you feel and look better than you ever have… then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this…

The Reset 7 Day Juice Cleanse will guide you through how to lose up to seven pounds in 7 days.

You’ll learn the exact steps and insights that we have used personally and others just like you who have taken advantage of this to shed those stubborn extra pounds, overhaul their mind and emotions and experience vibrant energy.

What You’ll Get Out of the Course

YOU will receive:
•  Three powerful educational and coaching audios that can mean the difference between dismal results or super-effective change
•  Question and answer time in each of the three coaching calls so you can get your personal and the most common questions answered
•  Our specific guidance for 7 days of successful liquid cleansing at one of two levels: Juice Cleanse – a pure juice fast
Liquid Cleanse – a combination of juices, smoothies, blends, and soups
•  Menu plan suggestions with delicious, satisfying recipes that your body will love so that you don’t feel hungry
•  Critical success tips, guidance and support for transforming your   health, body, mind, spirit and emotional well-being during and after the cleanse
•  The shared experience of a juice cleanse with like-minded people.

YOU will Experience:
•    You’ll look and feel a hundred times better, lighter and sexier. You will literally be radiating with health and a gorgeous glow!
•    You’ll give your body the chance to cleanse and balance at a deep and powerful cellular level that will dramatically impact your health forever more
•    You will feel so much more confident and in love with your body, your Self and life!
•    You’ll be ready, willing and able to make better choices after the cleanse (we will give you specific guidance on this!) so you maintain lasting results that you adore
•    You’ll feel more sexy in your clothes, and naked! You’ll likely feel frisky as a result and see your romantic relationships improve ;)
•    You’ll have increased energy, focus and inspiration to achieve everything you wish for
•    You’ll have a refreshed, motivated, shiny new body, mind, and spirit so that you don’t waste another moment feeling unfulfilled in this precious life!

We know that what makes all the difference when cleansing is how much support you have. If you have a lot of support and your own personal cheerleaders, you’ll feel motivated, assured and confident as you cleanse.

Dates & Tuition

Time: 3 Days 5:00pm PT / 8:00pm ET
Dates: Monday June 25th, Thursday June 28th  + Sunday July 1
Can’t make the calls? No problem! Download an MP3 of the class the next day.

Tuition: $75 
If cash is tight, we offer a “Pick Your Price” model where you can choose to pay $75/$50/$25.
(And, if cash is *super* tight, you can choose to apply for one of the limited number of scholarships available for this course.)

Enroll Now

Now, hold onto your seat and prepare to be wowed by this ice cream alchemy… :)

Alchemy Ice Cream


5 cups ice
2 cups coconut milk
Pinch sea salt
1 heaping tbsp cinnamon
1 heaping tbsp coconut oil
3 droppers stevia
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp pumpkin seed oil
1-2 heaping tbsp maca
1-2 heaping tbsp carob
1 tbsp cacao (optional)
2 heaping tbsp Healthforce Nutritionals Vitamineral Earth
Water to help facilitate blending if necessary (approximately a half cup)


Place the coconut milk, water and other ingredients except ice in a high speed blender. Add the ice last (it will blend better with liquid at the bottom of the blender) and blend in short stints until you reach a consistency similar to ice cream. Taste and adjust sweetness and water as desired.

You can top this alchemy ice cream with anything you like – we used bee pollen and freeze dried strawberries – serious deliciousness!

What’s the most interesting and healthy recipe you have ever created?

Have a beautiful week and see you soon!

Casey xo

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