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Random Eats, Body Attack Launch

Posted Oct 21 2009 10:00pm
Thank you for all of the compliments on the Body Step launch picture- you all are so sweet (love it!). I apologize for not blogging yesterday. My Tuesday went well, it was just busy! I had the usual work then ran home to take care of the Frankster and did a few things around the house (dusting/ironing). Next, I ran out the door for the cowboy themed Body Attack launch (I'm the mini one on the right haha):

The launch was another good one- high energy! It is a very tough release. I came home and finished up some more cleaning, showered, and then made a semi lame excuse for a dinner. First, a veggie & bean plate with salsa:

Butternut squash with a little maple syrup:

I also had a tortilla with lots of nut butter on the side.

Today, I taught Body Step in the morning. It was really fun to teach to a different crowd (hot mamas!). Today was also my first time teaching the full new release by myself and I think I did well. The rest of my day was spent working, getting a flu shot, and hanging out with this guy:

My dinner tonight was kind of random (again!). BBQ cabbage, veggies & beans:

A tortilla I toasted under the broiler and then broke into pieces:

Pumpkin topped with honey and cinnamon (I had this x's 2):
All randomly together now:

I also had a monster apple. Do you have nights like this where you want a little bit of a bunch of different things?

Hope your Wednesday treated you well! Quick question for all ya'll yoga fans out there: Josh and I want to find a yoga video we can do together each day. We want something with a bunch of smaller segments so we can do mini sessions (maybe like 15 minutes)? Any recommendations??
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