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Radishes Make Great Snacks

Posted by Lela D.

I know you'll think I'm crazy, but just try it. You can buy radishes at Wal-Mart pre-cleaned in a bag. You just get the red meaty part without all the nasty hard-to-clean greens. Keep a bag of these in your fridge for those times you just need to pop something into your mouth. The bad news (it may be good news to you) is that they have practically no flavor. So why bother? Radishes have an awesome crunch that satisfies the munching urge. There's no salt to puff you up and no fat. It's like I'm asking you to snack on lettuce but trust me - it's a lot more satisfying. I must no be the only one because if they can sell those things by the bag, what else are people using them for?
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When I'm stress snacking I'm after the crunch. That's why raw veggies are a great choice for me. I hadn't thought of adding radishes to my crunch list but it sounds like I need to .
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