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R-rated movies lure white teens into smoking: study

Posted by AregM

White U.S. teenagers who watch a lot of R-rated movies or have unsupervised access to TV shows appear more likely than similar black youths to start smoking cigarettes, a study found on Monday. Researchers found that white adolescents with the most exposure to R-rated movies were nearly seven times more likely to have started smoking compared to those with less exposure. Even after taking into account such things as having a friend who smoked, lack of parental guidance or doing poorly in school, those who watched more R-rated movies were still three times more likely to start smoking, the study found. In theaters, anyone age 16 or younger who attends an R-rated movie must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. ....Continued on;_ylt=AkJ5XJ5HqFD8Ff30EZtYLMemxbAB
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