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"The China Study"

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:49pm

Index_cover_tp_2 My friend Mark emailed me to say that he really enjoyed a book that I recommended, The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell and his son, Thomas Campbell.

The China Study, is THE most important book on nutrition ever written. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., is Jacob Gould Professor Emeritus at Cornell University, and his study is based on his 40 years of government-funded research.

Early in his career, he traveled to the Phillipines to study a group of children who had been exposed to a toxic substance from moldy peanuts called aflatoxins. Some of these children developed liver cancer. Dr. Campbell was hoping to prove that the children in the group that didn't get cancer ate more animal protein, which was thought to be the greatest nutritional component of diet in those days. Well, his studies showed exactly the opposite — the children that got liver cancer ate the MOST animal protein. This was the beginning of his studies that culminated with his book, The China Study.

Dr. Campbell shows that a plant-based diet (one centered on whole grains and vegetables) is the optimal food for good health, and that a diet high in animal protein is a contributer to diseases that he calls the big four: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and MS. His book is surprisingly easy to read, and at the end he devotes a chapter to the big question, "Why haven't I heard this information before?" He clearly explains this from an "insider's" perspective.

This book could have a dramatic effect on your life and health, and what you choose to eat! I highly recommend it! Meg

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