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Quinoa Salad Recipe

Posted May 08 2010 4:24pm
Tried this recipe (yes, if you click that link it will take you directly to the Quinoa Salad recipe!) from The City Cook today and loved, loved, LOVED it!

Some modifications that I made to this recipe were that I left out the salt and the prosciutto (doesn't work with my sodium restricted diet). Also, being that it is ramp season, I substituted ramps for the scallions.

For those of you unfamiliar with ramps, also referred to as 'wild leeks', they fall somewhere between a scallion and garlic. They truly are a spring delicacy as they have a very short-lived season - late April to early June. If you come across these at a local farmers market over the next few weeks, give them a try!

If you haven't yet tried Quinoa, this is a fabulous starter recipe for you to try. While considered a grain, Quinoa is a 'complete protein' which means that it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

Quinoa is especially rich in lysine, an amino acid essential in tissue growth and repair.

I personally add it to home-made chili and use it in place of potatoes and rice.

If you have a Quinoa recipe I'd love to hear it! Please post details in the comments section of this posting!!

Train hard; stay strong.



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