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quick and easy homemade dinners

Posted Jan 19 2011 3:14pm

I know how it is.

You may have every intention to cook healthy, satisfying weeknight dinners but sometimes (most of the time?) life gets in the way. And then all too often we are left eating plain yogurt out of the container or peanut butter straight from the spoon.

Guilty as charged.

I also know how it is to see a great recipe, want to make it for dinner and then while you’re cooking, realize said recipe is more a three hour affair than anything else.

The following few recipes are quick and easy, and a great way to get out of that yogurt container dinner rut!

Spicy Jambalaya .  I adore this super fast version of the Creole classic! Now can someone bring me a beignet, please?

30 Minute Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken . Cause meats need some sugar, too! My favorite way to serve this is with roasted new potatoes and brussels sprouts on the side.

Curried Butternut and Red Lentil Soup. Try replacing the butternut with sweet potato for a little twist! This is one of my favorite soups..ever.

Linguine and Clams. I always keep an extra can of clams in my pantry so I can throw together this quick pasta dish! It’s a childhood favorite of mine and makes me happy.

Beef Tenderloin with Apricot and Olives. If you haven’t made this yet, you simply must! It’s my favorite way to eat red meat.

Migas. Scrambled eggs for dinner? Heck yes! Especially when said scrambled eggs have slivers of taco chips in them. My mouth is drooling just thinking about it!

Chicken Parmesan with a Twist. Adam is STILL talking about this dinner I made last week. I take that as a good sign.

Linguine with Shrimp and Tomato Cream Sauce . Everything about this pasta is a good idea. It might look fancy, but it’s quick and simple..I promise!

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