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Quick 10 minute interval workout

Posted Oct 26 2010 12:00am

I’ve really enjoyed having my interval timer both for outdoor and indoor exercise.  By having the time count down I tend to work harder because I know I get to rest when it beeps at me.

Here’s a fun quick 10 minute workout that gets your heart rate up and works your core muscles quite nicely.

If you don’t have an interval timer you can purchase one on my Amazon page , or use this online interval timer I used before having a GYMBOSS.


Set the timer for 15 rounds with 10 seconds of rest and 30 seconds of work.

There are 5 exercises you will do, 3 times through.  You won’t get much rest – just enough time to get ready for the next exercise.  If you need more than 10 seconds rest you can change your interval timer to allow for more rest.  Your workout will be longer than 10 minutes then.

Write down how many of each exercise you do.

1. High knees

Run in place with your core tight, knees lifting up as high as you can.  Run quickly.  Each leg up counts as 1 rep.

2. High plank with knees to opposite arms

Hold the plank position (push up position) on your hands and feet and cross your left knee to your right arm, then right knee to your left arm.  Each knee cross counts as one rep.

3. Squat with alternating kicks

Squat back as deep as your comfortably can go and when you push up, kick your leg forward.  Alternate between legs.  Each squat/kick counts as 1 rep.

4. Mountain climbers

Start with your hands and feet on the ground, 1 leg closer to your torso than the other.  Switch your legs back and forth between the close and far position.  Really contract your abs during this exercise.

5. Tuck crunch

Lay on your back with your arms and legs extended.  Lift your legs off the ground about 2 inches.  Take your arms out and around like you would make snow angels and at the same time lift your legs up into a bent crunch.  Your upper body will meet your lower body and your arms will slightly hold onto your knees.  Return to the starting position and try to keep your feet elevated.

Hope you enjoy this quick 10 minute workout!

Now for the exciting announcement. 

The GYMBOSS interval timer winner is # 8: Sally H.

Congrats Sally H!  Send me an email ( ) and I’ll get your new GYMBOSS on the way to you.

Thanks to all that entered.  It was fun reading about your favorite workouts.

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