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Question of the week: Controlling blood sugar levels

Posted Jul 07 2010 7:07pm

The following question was submitted by a reader this week: "I just been diagnosed with diabetes. Doctors say I have uncontrollable diabetes any tips on how I can get my sugar level down?"

First thing to look at as diet. A healthy diet emphasizes vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Portion size and eating frequency are also important for controlling your blood sugar. Eliminate as many white flour and sugar products from your diet as possibly (i.e. white bread, white pasta, cookies, cake).

The proper portion of a lean protein such as fish or chicken would be 3 - 4oz. A serving of a complex carbohydrate should be 1/2 cup (i.e. brown rice), and 1 cup of vegetables. Use this visualization as a guide: A "proper" plate would consist of 1/4 lean protein, 1/4 whole grain, and 1/2 non-starchy vegetable.

Better to eat more small meals than fewer large meals. This should help with keeping your blood sugar regular. Consistency is also important as your body will respond to excess fat and calories by causing an increase in blood sugar levels.

Next thing to look at is physical activity. Try to increase your physical activity - set a goal for 20 minutes a day. Whether it is walking or participating in a group sport, exercise has many positive benefits and will help in creating a healthier lifestyle and controlling your diabetes. Consult with your doctor before starting any type of physical regimen.

Finally, be sure to take your medication as prescribed and monitor your blood sugar as directed.

See the following link for more information: Mayo Clinic-Diabetes Management
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