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pvBody Review

Posted Jan 25 2013 5:42pm

Disclaimer: pvBody offered to send me a free trial outfit, but all opinions shared here are my own.

There are a lot of monthly subscription companies out there right now offering a wide range of trial products, from healthy food and exercise gear to makeup and fashion. One company I’d been hearing a lot of good things about from fellow bloggers was pvBody , which is why I was excited when one of their team members reached out and asked if I’d be interested in working with them.


The thing that interested me most about pvBody was the fact that it is solely centered around affordable workout wear. The team at pvBody has developed relationships with brands both large and small and are able to leverage those connections through savings passed along to their subscribers. As of the time that I am writing this review post, they are also getting ready to launch their own line of workout wear, called Ellie , which will be rolling out to new subscribers starting on February 1. You can customize your selection each month based on whether you plan to use the outfit for running, yoga, Pilates, cardio, etc. By taking the style quiz , you are also able to choose whether you want pants, shorts or capris; bold or muted colors; and more.


After you have taken the style quiz, their team hand picks the pieces for you. pvBody sent me a free trial outfit. I told them that I was a runner who preferred bold colored tops and muted color bottoms. A few days later, a package arrived on my doorstep with an incredible workout ensemble.

pvBody outfit

The shirt is from Lolë and came in a bright royal blue (almost purplish depending on the light) color. It has a scoop neck, stretchy wicking fabric and a UPF of 50+. There is also a conveniently small pocket on the back right side of the shirt that is perfect for a key or an iPod shuffle.



The pants are from American Apparel . I loved the dark grey color and the fact that they also had a secret pocket at the top of the waist. Again, it would only hold a key and possibly an iPod, but if it means a more hands-free run then I’m sold.



Fortunately, I soon had the opportunity to test out the gear and see if it really would hold up. Phoenix had 30-degree temperatures a couple of weeks ago (I know, shocking!) and I also wore this outfit again during my NYC trip . Both runs were flawless – the shirt and pants didn’t ride up in the least and wicked away sweat perfectly. There were no embarrassing dark spots to be seen, which is quite the change from my normal workout wear. I was instantly hooked.

Judging by the normal retail price of these items (I couldn’t find the exact Lolë shirt but a similar one ran $36), the normal price for this entire outfit would be around $84. Still cheaper than certain other big name stores who shall remain nameless, but not exactly what I want to pay on a normal basis for workout gear. Had this not been a trial outfit, the cost for pvBody to send it to me monthly would have been $39 instead (with a 20% discount off the normal subscription price of $49.95).

I hope you all know by now that I am not one to give a huge sales pitch on behalf of a brand unless I really respect it, which is definitely the case here. A new workout ensemble for 54% off the retail price is pretty awesome. It’s also really easy to make returns (free), pause or cancel subscriptions, so you won’t be locked into anything impossible to leave – another reason why I am so impressed with what pvBody has put together. I think the most interesting thing will be to watch what happens with the launch of Ellie on February 1. The pvBody team has said that these clothes will be every bit as awesome as the big name brands, so I’ll be curious to hear what current subscribers think.


I’m looking forward to trying out the service myself with the 20% discount I mentioned, and am excited that pvBody has offered Eating Bender readers to do the same: you can sign up and receive 20% off here ! If you’re at all interested, I definitely recommend checking out their website and taking the style quiz. You can also find pvBody on Twitter and Facebook .

Have you heard of pvBody or do you currently use their service? If so, what do you think? If not, how would you feel about having workout gear shipped to you?

I’m truly curious to hear what others think of the subscription phenomenon.



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