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Pumpkin Pie In A Bowl Goes cream

Posted Jan 24 2010 2:27am
Hi all,

Hope you've had a brilliant weekend. Mine has involved lots of work (yes, had to be done) and some down time at home and a movie. Anyone seen Sherlock Holmes? I loved it...particularly Guy Ritchie's editing stylings. It took me right back to my film degree many, many years ago. I spent countless hours and days living/eating/sleeping/drinking in the uni's editing suites living off vendor machine bags of pretzels, skittles and diet coke. I swear I ate healthier food when it was daylight hours and I didn't carry the faint green goulish glow of the computer screens on my skin.

Back to today and one my my favourite raw soups! Has anyone else got onto the Pumpkin Pie In A Bowl bandwagon yet? If you're a Natalia Rose fan, my bet is that you've come across this soup and hopefully tried it for yourself. It's so delicious, sweet, refreshing and satisfying that I swear at times I could live off it...other than my green juice of course. I can really put this soup away in hefty quantities, which is no surprise really given how light it is. As I fare best on a low sugar (even natural sugar) and very clean and green diet, I have created my own version of Natalia's soup recipe which has a lower sugar content yet still tastes just as amazing. Not only have I created a greened-up recipe, I have also got into the habit of making the recipe into an ice-cream to satisfy any desires for dessert style foods and also because it's so hot here right now that an icy cold treat is completely welcome! So, here is the greened up recipe for you and then an explanation of how to make it into an ice cream for you icy treat lovers out there. Enjoy in hearty quantities as this baby is pure lightness, enzymes and nutrition!

Pumpkin Pie In A Bowl Goes Green

This photo is the ice cream version.

The ingredients:

1 litre of carrot/cos lettuce (romaine) juice - aim for 60-70% carrot juice, 30-40% cos/romaine juice
1 cup of sweet potato, peeled and cubed
1/2 avocado - you can use more or less avocado dependent on how thin or thick you like your soup
1 teaspoon mixed spice (pumpkin pie spice) - I often use more but start with less
Stevia to taste - I always use NuNaturals Alcohol Free stevia drops as they test best by far. I also use a lot of stevia as I ususally make this recipe to satisfy sweet cravings. Always start with less and then add more as stevia is a very strong sweetener.

Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth and silky with no chunks. Pour into a bowl or mug and eat with a spoon or sip. I like to eat it from a bowl with a teaspoon. I've always preferred teaspoons...not sure why!

To make this into the most satisfying ice cream, you have two options. Either make the soup as directed above and then freeze it. Once frozen, let it defrost a little (or only part freeze it), put it back into the blender and blend until it's just broken down. It will be very thick, frosty and oh so good. Alternatively, you can freeze the juice (I often do this so I have juice handy for drinking anyway), and add the frozen juice (defrosted until you can break it down with a knife enough to pop it in the blender) to the other ingredients and pulse until the icy juice breaks down and it blends all the ingredients together. It is best to use a very powerful high speed blender like a Blendtec or VitaMix if you go with the latter option. The photo above is of the ice cream version.

So there you have it friends - a super satisfying, sweet, sexy raw soup and ice cream for the sweetest of taste buds!

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