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Pumpkin is a super food!

Posted by Tamar F.

Body + Soul magazine has just reported on pumpkins being a power food. A cup of cooked pumpkin has very little fat (.17 g), 2.7 g of fiber, 87% of daily requirements of vitamin A, 15% of daily requirements vitamin C, along with beta-carotene and potassium. The article mentions alpha-carotene, which I’ve never heard of. They’re claiming that it might help fight tumor growth. The seeds are healthy, too, containing omega-3 fatty acids.

You are supposed to buy the weightier ones with hard shells and no soft spots.

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Thanks for sharing this information about pumpkins. I love pumpkin pie and seeds.
I'm going to take a wild guess that pumpkin pie does not count towards your superfood meter, but I'm going to bake it anyways :)
It's always nice to find out something that actually tastes good is good for you!
Pumpkins are sooooo goooood ....I love eating them sweet or savory, as an appetizer or a side dish. Anyone knows some great healthy recipes with pumpkin?
I saw Jessica Seinfeld on the Today Show promoting her book about sneaking veggies into kids food. She folds pureed sweet potato or pumpkin into pancakes. Sounds great!
I like to make pumpkin vegetable. It is quite simple. Cut the pumpkin in small cubes. Warm just a bit of oil in a pan. Put the pumpkin cubes and add salt to taste. If you like spicy food, you can add chili flakes as well. Cover and cook till tender. Sprinkle sugar on top and your vegetable is ready. My kids also like it, and it is nice to know that we are eating healthy food.
When carving pumpkins save the innards and a) rinse the pulp off the seeds, b) spread the seeds out on a paper towel to dry overnight, c) spread out on a cookie sheet and bake them, using salt and other spices to taste.
If you've never had pumpkin soup you've got to try it. It cooks fast and can be made ahead of time or even frozen. Here's a link to my favorite recipe.
I had a really good snack last fall at a party. It was ginger crackers with pumpkin dip. I think it had cream cheese or sour cream in it. However, I'm sure it had plenty of sugar too! I'm going to check out the pumpkin soup recipe. Sounds yummy!
I recently ate at a great little Thai restaurant called Simply Thai Cuisine. If you're ever wandering down Bloor Street in Toronto, Ontario, I recommend that place wholeheartedly. I had pumpkin soup with a spring roll to start, followed by a lovely ginger chicken dish. It made my day to eat in a clean restaurant with a calm atmosphere and good food!
Is there a difference than canned pumpkin? How about recipes?
I adore pumkins! Bake them in the oven with a little olive oil and then put some feta cheese on top! I am telling you it is like heaven...and with all those powerful health benefits.

So are sweet potatoes =) They help you cleanse your digest system.

Pumpkin ravioli is also great if you can find it.

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