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PTP: Towel Tone Series 5, Workout Options

Posted Jun 25 2009 1:49pm
This is the final installment of the towel tone series. In the future, I'm sure I will post new exercises here and there to add to the series, so it won't be gone forever!

The purpose of the towel tone series is to give you a simple do-anywhere workout that requires extra work from your stabilization muscles. Placing your hands and/or feet on folded towel increases the amount of effort you have to put into staying balanced, making each move that much more difficult and effective. If a move is ever too difficult, start by doing the move without the towels and then progress to using them as you get better.

I thought I would share a few options for workouts with you in this post. Feel free to make your own combinations with all the moves shared, or simply choose the ones you like and add them to your current workout routine.

Total Body Workout
I usually use this option when I'm on vacation for just a few days and don't have too much time. This gives you a pretty effective full body workout in about half an hour or so.
- Choose 4 moves from each of the following categories:upper body,lower body,abs
- Complete 10-12 reps of each of them in a circuit without resting in between.
- Do the circuit 3 times, resting between each circuit
- If you have time, throw a balance exercise in at the end.

Specific Body Part Workout
I use this one if I'm on vacation for a longer time and want to hit each area individually.
- Do all moves from desired category (upper body,lower body,abs) in a circuit
- Do 10-12 reps of each exercise in a circuit without resting in between
- Complete circuit 4 times, resting between each circuit
- Complete all balance exercises at the end.

Incorporate Exercises into Gym Workout
Feel free to add these exercises into your normal routine as you see fit. For example, I use the Knee To Chest move from theAbssection in my gym routine sometimes. When I have access to the gym, I use thesmall inflatable disksinstead of the towels for even greater instability. If you want add these to your home gym, they are relatively inexpensive and small. They can up the intensity of some of these moves beyond even the use of the towels.
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