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Protein Power

Posted Mar 08 2011 10:28pm
There has been a buzz about good protein for such a long time, that it's no wonder we all recognize the importance of this nutrient. Not only is protein necessary for proper muscle development and growth, but it's also essential to your metabolism, blood sugar levels, hunger levels, weight gain or loss, and muscle mass. It's essential for the a steady digestion, and even keeps your brain sharp! It comes from many sources, but today, I'll give you a few maybe you haven't considered.

One of the best sources of protein is peanut butter. Yes, it may be high in fat, but it's good fat, which means it feeds your heart, mind and your body. It also keeps your tummy full. Many fats can do that, but the fat found in peanut butter also helps the B vitamins and protein be better absorbed by your body, feeding it important nutrients to help keep you full. B vitamins such as B6, which is abundant in protein, also help ward off depression or a negative mood in general. It's also great for hormone balance.

Another great source of protein is eggs. One egg has 6 grams of protein. Don't skip the yolk though-that's where the healthy fat, and yes, healthy cholesterol, lies. The yolk is also chock-full of Vitamin E, which is a great source of fat for supple skin, smoother texture, and even helps reduce breakouts. The best part is, eggs are fairly cheap too!

A whole grain that has gotten recent popularity lately is also one of the best sources of protein you could ask for. What is it? Quinoa, and you are going to start seeing this grain a lot more in the coming days, I feel sure. It can be found on the grain aisle, cereal aisle, and I've also seen it on the ethnic aisle at more traditional grocery markets. It is a grain, such as oatmeal, but contains twice the amount of B vitamins, magnesium and protein as oatmeal. It's also a delicious addition to muffins, or can be substituted for rice in many dishes. It also comes in flaked instant cereal, which I love, which you cook just like instant oatmeal! It is my favorite source of iron because it contains 25% of your daily iron needs!! I could tell a major difference in my energy and fatigue once I traded my oatmeal for this. I love it! You can also buy it as a flour, which also works great in breads. It has a less sweet taste than oatmeal, but has a great texture. You can sweeten it for a breakfast dish if you wish, with agave nectar or honey. 

Other foods rich in protein
are meats, fish, and beans. If you're looking for healthy options, buy organic meat when you can, which is free of pesticides, harmful antibiotics and toxins in grain feed.

Want a protein packed meal that's filling and delicious?

Check out this recipe , and also this one for a yummy breakfast !
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