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Pros and Cons

Posted Feb 04 2010 4:47am

Goooooood morning! :mrgreen:

My wonderful and amazing husband offered to cook me breakfast this morning while I took Murphy outside to do his “business.” Murphy has been so much better getting down toumbusinessso it seemed like a good deal to me! :-D


Mal cooked me an egg sandwich with cheddar cheese and Buffalo sauce on toasted whole wheat Sandwich Thins. It was delicious… and so satisfying! I love how eggs fill me up like that. It’s a different type of fullness than oatmeal.


I also drank a glass of iced coffee with vanilla soy milk with breakfast.

(Don’t ya just love these funky sea life plates?)


Last night while celebratingMal and I spent a good part of the evening creating and then discussing a pros and cons list for some of the apartments we’ve seen. Apartment hunting is not easy. For the 10+ places we saw, only 3 were worth consideringso we made a list to see our options in “black and white.”

After putting everything down on paperone apartmentin particular, easily won out. Check out its pro-con list:


  • 2-bedroom
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer + dryer
  • Tons of storage
  • Driveway parking
  • Yard for Murphy
  • Closer to work
  • Nice neighborhood
  • Near public transportation
  • Lots of sunlight
  • French doors


  • Older apartment
  • Claw-foot tub
  • Not close to gym
  • Further from city

Not too shabbyright? The apartment has so many pros and the cons were ones that we could totally live with for the next couple of years. We’re not moving again until we buy a houseso we really took our time to weigh the pros and cons of this place. I think we might have a winner! :-D

We spoke with our friendMarielast nightand she’s going to draw up a lease for us to sign. If everything works out as plannedwe’ll be moving February 17thwhich is SO SOON! Eek! 8-O I still can’t believe we’re moving AGAIN!

Do you use pro and con lists to help you make decisions? What was the last pro-con list that you created?

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