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Project Weight Loss: Week 8

Posted Nov 16 2012 1:39pm

Zak and I were in college when we met and started dating.   He taught me how to play racquetball early in our relationship, and it came to be something we did together quite regularly at (my) school where we had easy access to racquetball courts.

Whenever we played, he always won.  I never felt bad about this, he’s bigger, stronger, a more experienced player – he kicked my ass quite regularly and I just rolled with it.  I mean HELLO, I’m hanging out with my uber cute boyfriend with whom I’m totally smitten, who the hell cares if I win or that racquetball is a little dorky?

This week I got to thinking about one game in particular, a game where I was losing point after point after point and getting more frustrated with each ball that flew past my undergrad head.  After losing 5 or 6 (or 7 or 8) points in a row, I finally SLAMMED the next ball that was served to me out of pure, immature, poor-sport anger.  But it worked!  I won the chance to serve, Zak looked shocked, applauded my outburst and then surely went on to kick my ass anyway.

My point to this fascinating story is that I did the same thing this week. I got PISSED and slammed the scale with my racquetball racquet.

OK, not really.  I think I sold my racquet years ago at a garage sale.  I DID use my frustration and discouragement from last week and turned it into motivation and determination for this week.  I’m very pleased report back that it seemed to have worked.

Today the scale said 139.6 (down from 140.6 last week) but I saw 139.0 and 138.8 this week too!  In fact, I haven’t seen the 140′s since Monday. This delights me and I am feeling quite compelled to stick with some of the things I did differently this week for the coming week.

So what did I do differently this week? Here we go!

I cut net calories back to closer to 1200 instead of 1500 (most days)

I think it’s likely I’ve been giving myself too much credit for how many calories I’m burning in my non-exercise, day to day activities.  Even though I’m on my feet a good majority of the day, chasing kids, rocking babies to sleep (just one), hauling laundry to and fro, maybe I’m not burning quite as many calories as I think.

One of the nice things about keeping a food journal and tracking your calories is that you (hopefully) have the data to go back and scrutinize to see what did or didn’t work for you in the past.

When I went back to look at the weeks I loss at least 1 pound, especially in Week 1 and Week 2 , I had more days of keeping my net calories around 1300 than I did compared to Weeks 6 and 7 when I hit a plateau.   At the end of 2009 when I successfully lost 7 lbs with calorie counting and got down to 129, my net calories were near 1200 many days in that time period as well.

With all these things in mind, I made the conscious choice to keep my net calories closer to 1200 most days this week, with a couple of days near 1500 calorie too.  This definitely seemed to help.

I Weighed Myself Everyday

As planned, I got on the scale every day with. out. fail.  This really seems to make a difference for me, I think it has a lot to do with just staying focused and being more mindful of what I’m working toward.  As the saying goes, what gets measured gets managed .

High Intensity Interval Training

A few of you guys reminded me last week about  the wonders of interval training and what it can do for weight loss!  With that in mind I got two high intensity work outs in this week.  One day I worked interval sprints into what would have otherwise been an ordinary Tuesday morning run, warming up for about a mile, then sprinting for 1 minute, slowing my pace down until I felt recovered, then another 1 minute sprint, repeating this cycle until I made my way back home.  I got 4 or 5 sprints in when all was said done and was feeling high as kite all morning.  Thanks, endorphins

Even if you aren’t a runner, you can throw intervals into any workout, even walking. Just pick up the pace for as long as you can and then fall back to an easier, recovery pace.  Then do it again.  Voila!  Intervals.  (Be safe and listen to your body, as always.)

I spent another morning with Jillian and some old school 30 Day Shred .  Her workouts are the very definition of HIIT.

In less intense exercise news, there were a couple of long walks wearing a very cute young man (who does not know how to play racquetball yet) and some yoga at home too.

In fact, I taught Kaz how to do happy baby pose !

Happy Baby Pose

Or maybe he was born knowing how to do it.  Whatever.  I’m totally taking credit because if you ask him about it, he’ll just drool at you.

(He’s wearing Baby Legs  and a cloth diaper if you’re wondering about what’s going on with the pants situation there.  Baby Legs make getting his diaper off a breeze, which is helpful because we practice EC  - plus I think they’re super cute too!)

In food news, I made Oh She Glows Spiced Red Lentil, Tomato and Kale soup this week.

OSG Spicy Kale Lentil Tomato Soup

As soon as I saw this recipe, I knew I must make it.  Lentils?  Good.  Tomatoes?  Goood.  Kale?  Gooood.  Zak and I both loved this.

Kale in soup gets points for the same things sauteed kale does.  Chewy and satisfying without being a poor winner.

The other great thing about this recipe?  The discovery of smoked paprika.  Love it!

Smoked Paprika

I also must give proper thanks to my blog friend Lisa at Thrive Style .  I did some experimenting with coconut oil this week and am really excited about it and the way it made me feel.  (i.e., not hungry for HOURS!)  I will likely write more about this and my experience with it in at some point down the road, but for now I’m going to let Lisa tell you all about it if you’re curious to know more.

A couple other links that I found relevant and helpful for this week, both from Mark’s Daily Apple :

8 Ways You Might Be Inadvertently Sabotaging Your Fitness Routine and  9 Ways You Might Be Inadvertently Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts

And as always, here’s a run down of the week.  Net calories = calories eaten – calories burned.  I will probably pop in with an update next Friday, but I will likely “weigh in” on Thursday morning instead of The Day After The Biggest Meal of the Year.

Friday, 11/9
Weight: 140.6
Net Calories: 1181
Exercise: 4 mile run, 38 minutes

Saturday, 11/10
Weight: 140.4
Net Calories: 1280
Exercise: Yoga, Hip Opening Flow #4 , 40 minutes

Sunday, 11/11
Weight: 141.2
Net Calories: 1227
Exercise:  Bike ride, 50 minutes  (longer than 40 minutes, oops!) 9 miles

Monday, 11/12
Weight: 140.6
Net Calories: 1237
Exercise: 25 minutes, yoga + pilates (self guided) and a 2 mile walk (wearing 19 lb Kaz), 45 minutes

Tuesday, 11/13
Weight: 139.6
Net Calories: 1224
Exercise:  4 mile interval run, 36 minutes

Wednesday, 11/14
Weight: 138.8
Net Calories: 1532
Exercise: 30 Day Shred, Level 3

Thursday, 11/15
Weight: 139.0
Net Calories: 1565
Exercise: 2.5 mile walk (wearing Kaz), 45 minutes

Friday, 11/16
Weight: 139.6

That’s what I’ve got for this week.  If you’re playing along at home, how did your week go?  Try anything new that you feel worked or you’re really excited about?  Don’t hold out on us people – we need details!

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