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Project Weight Loss: Week 7

Posted Nov 09 2012 5:16pm

Week 7.  No change from Week 6.  140.6 this morning, up .2 from last Friday .

Womp womp.

I was feeling bummed and discouraged this morning, but I’m feeling better now that the day has worn on and I’ve had some time to think about where I went wrong this week and what I’m going to do differently next week.

I see two issues from this week:

I didn’t weigh myself all week.

With the exception of Sunday, I didn’t step on the scale once.  I had an excuse every day not to.  I forgot.  I just ate breakfast.  I’m already dressed.  The scale is all the way upstairs.  And while I know that this works for some people – only getting on the scale once a week – historically, this does not work for me when it comes to weight loss.  Keeping a closer watch of the numbers from day to day (ish)  holds me more accountable and keeps me on track .

I ran 6 miles on Sunday.

I paid for those miles on Monday because I was starving/felt like a bottomless pit all day.  I stopped counting calories midday because I was losing track!  I was just hungry all day.  I was annoyed that I broke my little promise with myself to keep all my workouts to 30 – 40 minutes , I should have known better.  It was the perfect day for a longer run though and I took advantage of it, especially because I hadn’t run that far since before I was pregnant last year.  I just felt like going longer, and so I did.

Running long + trying to lose weight = Backfire.  At least for me.

There is absolutely a part of me that wants to put this weight loss project on hold.  That I should hang out at this weight for a while and put it off for another time down the road.  And why not?  I feel much better about myself 10 pounds lighter than I was a month and a half ago .  I’ve got a lot of pre-pregnancy jeans that fit me well now.  I feel very much like myself again.

And so I could stop, but I’m not going to.  Not yet.  I know if I hang in there and keep going, I’ll be very happy that I did.  It’s just another 5 – 7 pounds to get to 135 – 133 range, I’m going to keep on keepin’ on.

Part of me hates to writing about losing weight while I’m in the process of losing weight.  I’d rather write about it after all is said and done.  The reason I choose to blog about it “live” is to show all the ups and downs you can encounter while losing weight.  Well here we are!  Some downs.  It doesn’t feel great to report back about another week of no progress, but I guess it’s good to remind me and anyone else who’s working toward losing weight that weight loss is not always linear.  It’s so easy to forget about the “downs” after the weight is lost and you’re slipping into small clothes and feeling really good about yourself.  How quickly you can forget about the troubleshooting you did when you hit a plateau, dealing with discouragement, all the struggles along the way.  But as a good friend said today (completely unrelated to my first world problems), “through struggle comes wisdom”, and that’s exactly right.  Persist and you’ll figure it out, hopefully a little wiser when you get through to the other side.

I’m a firm believer that “you lose weight in the kitchen” and “you can’t out run a bad diet”.  I’m wondering now if perhaps I’m not burning as many calories as I expect through breastfeeding.  Or perhaps I’m miscalculating somewhere.  Or frankly, maybe I’m just eating too much!  I’m going to play around with the numbers a bit this coming week, weigh myself every day next week to help keep myself on track and NO MORE WORKOUTS longer than 40 minutes!

A short update this week.  We’re out the door for an easy night time hike with friends!  Here’s a run down of my not-so-great week.

Friday, 11/2
Weight: 140.4
Net Calories: 2213
Exercise:  Rest

Saturday, 11/3
Weight: -
Net Calories: 1466
Exercise: Hip Opening Flow #4 , 30 minutes

Sunday, 11/4
Weight: 140.6
Net Calories: 1556
Exercise: 6 mile run, 1 hour

Monday, 11/5
Weight: -
Net Calories: -
Exercise: 2 mile walk (wearing Kaz), 40 minutes

Tuesday, 11/6
Weight: -
Net Calories: 1547
Exercise: 3.8 mile run, 34 minutes

Wednesday, 11/7
Weight: -
Net Calories: 1630
Exercise: Rest

Thursday, 11/8
Weight: -
Net Calories: 1505
Exercise: Yoga for Runners , 45 minutes.  2 mile walk, 35 minutes (wearing Kaz)

Friday, 11/9
Weight: 140.6

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