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Project Weight Loss: Week 10

Posted Nov 30 2012 3:33pm

Week 10 of was not a weight loss week. Week 10 was about weight maintenance.

Actually, Week 10 was about survival.

I won’t go on and on about how over-committed I was this week. I won’t bore you (you’re already bored, aren’t you!) with talk of all the usual madness topped with extra meetings and multiple birthday parties and traveling with three small children and food for fundraisers and strange smells wafting up through the forced air ducts that eventually leads to the discovery of a fried circuit board in the furnace.  OF COURSE the furnace would crap out during the craziest week of all the crazy weeks that ever were!

I know, we all have crazy weeks. Well this week it was my turn, and this is why I don’t have any news to report from the weight loss department. Losing weight was shuffled down to the bottom of the priority list. I got two runs in, one walk and a little yoga. I only counted calories a couple days, there were too many parties and dinners on the fly to worry about how many calories are in this?  It’s food!  It’s good!  EAT IT!  Go go GO!  I only stepped on the scale a handful of times to be sure nothing nutso happened when I wasn’t looking.

The one thing I do have to share is the newest book I’m devouring,

Deep Nutrition

Deep Nutrition is so full of information that this is one of those books I will probably need to read more than once to digest (har har) all of what Dr. Shanahan has to say.

I’m not done with it yet, but Deep Nutrition should come with a warning: this book is going to make you ragey. It’s going to piss you off when you start to think about all the conflicting nutritional information that’s out there.  It will frustrate you with the seemingly ever-changing rules when it comes to what we’re supposed to eat and what we’re not supposed to eat. In fact, it just might make you want to get up and throw away every single item that contains refined sugar or vegetable oil from your cupboards.

(I didn’t, but I thought about it.)

This book is making me re-evaluate some of the foods I choose to feed myself and my family. I must remind myself that change happens slowly and any rapid dietary changes eventually lead to a big mess and burn-out, but in short, yes – this book has pointed out some changes we need to make.

She’s got some great information about weight loss in here as well, so if a changed figure is what you’re after, it’s a worthwhile read in that respect too.

So anyway, this is what I’ve been doing between waiting for the electrician to show up or shuffling kids to and fro.  I’ve been reading and cooking and eating and wanting to tell anyone I run into to READ THIS BOOK.

More later, I’m off to take some deep breaths and to try to not over-think what to make for dinner.

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