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Professor Loses Weight With No-Diet Diet

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:13pm

Check out this intriguing AP article about Brigham Young University health science professor Steven Hawks, who lost and kept off 50 pounds eating whatever he wanted and stopping when he got full.

Essentially, he did what he calls "intuitive eating" -- an improperly named plan, in my opinion -- which allowed him to consume all kinds of unhealthy foods that he craved. He told the AP that eating an overabundance of what's taboo helps him lose his desire to gorge.

While I'm a fan of eating quality foods and not junk food, this no-diet diet is fascinating to me.

I suspect that for a good many people, the idea of foods being a no-no tends to trigger a desire to eat those very same foods.

Even so, I'm just not a fan of having just ice cream for dessert. This isn't healthy.

However, as I point out in my free, online KickSugar group, you have to find a way of eating that works for you. Thus, some people feel that allowing themselves a bite or a few tastes of a dessert -- while trying to kick sugar or cut back on sweets -- is a way that works.  It keeps them from pigging out on sugary foods the rest of the time.

However, bear in mind that for many, such a way of dieting -- allowing yourself to indulge in junk foods (and keep them in the house -- oh horror of horrors for many!) -- could be a complete disaster and could lead to further binges and weight gain.

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