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Products That Are Green - Spirulina

Posted Mar 17 2009 2:25am

In the spirit of thingsgreenand St. Patrick's Day week, I am highlighting products that aregreen.

Did you know that when they typically manufacture multi-vitamins they lay them like cookies on a cookie sheet on large conveyors and bake them at very high temperatures? Often this destroys what might be valid nutritionally in the vitamin, that is if the vitamin's nutrients are quality sourced in the first place. When these mainstream type vitamins are baked their exterior coating is gloppy or rough edged.

Our multi-vitamin's exterior is coated with an absolutelygorgeous greenspirulinacoating.

Spirulina in it's own regard, is a super nutrient dense food source. 

The coolest part is how they coat our multi-vitamin with spirulina at our manufactoring plant. There is a machine that gently sprays and tumbles a very fine coating of spirulina onto each tablet.
Then similar to a front load dryer on a very, very low setting, the tablets continue to tumble until they are dry - it's the coolest process I have ever seen.

The result is an even coated
brilliantly green tablet
that is slightly waxy from the natural properties of the spirulina making them ever so delightful to swallow while maintaining all the integrity of the nutrients inside.

the green of spirulina flickr image credit

karen hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~green clean~inch loss ~ anti-aging

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