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Product Testing: Riceworks Sea Salt Chips

Posted Jul 15 2009 8:05pm

Okay y'all, I have a confession. I don't know if you know, but I'm a sucker for a coupon. I loooove me some coupons. I have learned not to give into the compulsion to buy something *simplybecauseIhaveacouponOMGOMGOMG*

I typically make out my grocery list, and then go through my coupons to see what coupons match my needs. Every so often I'm tempted to buy something I don't *really* need, but I'm pretty good at being strong.
However. If you present to me a "One free ____________" coupon that requires no monetary expenditure on my part....well....let's just say, unless it's a seafood product, I'm game. If it is a wheat or dairy product I can't myself eat, I'll subject KT or her friends to it LOL.

Anyway, a while back I happened upon a Riceworks one free bag coupon.


Riceworks Sea Salt Rice Chips Product Review/Testing:

Product Appearance/Packaging -- Nice packaging, easy to find on the shelf, easy to open. Always a plus. It is never fun when the package is frustrating and opening results in a rain of food all over your kitchen.

The chips themselves are cute little triangles and have a "multigrain" appearance -- not sure if it is intentional, accidental, or a marketing ploy to make them look more healthy.

Initial Observations -- They look tasty. They feel firm, crisp, and like they would hold a topping without snapping. Like a good chunky salsa. However, they feel a bit oily. hmm...

Taste --   Yeah. The oily/greasy feeling I noticed on touch resulted in an expected slightly oily/greasy aftertaste. And the initial taste....well...wasn't nearly as exciting as I'd hoped. Not bland, just not...delicious. It wasn't bad, don't get me wrong. I just wasn't impressed.

In general  I was disappointed somewhat. I wasn't crushed because they were free and I think KT and her friends ate them with hummus LOL. So no waste. The taste wasn't awesome, they aren't any healthier than baked tostitos (the rice chips still have 140 calories in only 10 chips! ouch!!), and they aren't as cheap as my rice cakes.

The other flavors intrigue me, but I doubt they are worth the money or calories =) Plus they all have 6grams of fat in only 10 chips, and i'm on the low fat plan these days!

Rating -- 2/5

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