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Print and Pattern

Posted Aug 23 2011 2:25pm

Hi everyone, hope your having a good week! This week is a pretty crazy one for me, yesterday I worked from home while we got our new carpet fitted in the bedroom. As we are in a little one bed flat this has meant that the whole place has been turned upside down! We also headed to Ikea last night and bought a new bed and mattress, it gets delivered tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Here’s a few images that I’m using for bedroom decor inspiration:


I really love the mix of different patterns and bright colours in each of these pics. See my Tumblr page for more inspiration!

As I said in Sunday’s post, I’m experiencing some IT band / sore knee issues right now. I’m trying very hard not to panic, the Great North Run is less than a month away and when I had this injury last year it took me a month to get running again. I don’t think its that bad this time but I’m still giving running a miss for a couple of days although I may try a short treadmill run tomorrow. 

Yesterday morning instead of my usual 5k treadmill run I did 1 hour of cardio on the gym machines including the cross trainer, step machine, bike and rowing machine. I did 2 minutes medium intensity : 1 minute high intensity intervals. I finished up with my abs and core including my first ever 3 minute plank! My knee was fine apart from a bit of a twinge while on the cross trainer.

Breakfast yesterday was a delicious bowl of sweet fresh strawberries covered in some chocolate chia pudding (1 tbsp of chia seeds, 2 tbsp of viva pure chia porridge mix, 1 scoop of chocolate sun warrior and water):


For lunch I raided the freezer and had a bowl of my spicy black eye bean soup along with some raw juice pulp crackers:


It was nice to have soup for a change!

As I was working from home while the carpet got fitted I thought I’d make use of the blender and have a green smoothie as a snack:


Spinach, frozen banana, soy milk, ice, stevia, maca, spirulina, msm crystals topped with coconut and freeze dried berries. This was such a great filling snack, it felt like a nice treat being able to have a smoothie!

As this week is shaping up to be a bit hectic I decided to take some of my own advice and make up a huge bean and veggie mix that I could use in several meals to save time:


I mixed a tin of soya beans, frozen edamame, carrot, cucumber, radish, spring onion, red pepper, parsley and coriander in a big bowl and popped it in the fridge. For dinner I’ve eaten it with some wholegrain rice pilaf from a microwavable pouch alongside steamed rainbow chard and broccoli with shoyu:


This was delicious, but unfortunately I’m worried that something in it made me poorly. Last night I spent several hours throwing up! Not fun :-( Luckily this morning I felt much better. I had a big bowl of peanut butter puffins, chopped apple, a spoonful of smooth peanut butter and some soy milk for breakfast:


It felt good to get something back on my stomach. As I only had that bean and veggie mix prepped for lunch, I decided to risk it and eat it again. I had a big portion on top of some greens with my damson and balsamic dressing:


Luckily it didn’t make me poorly so I risked another portion with the rice again for dinner. I have to say it really did save me a lot of time having that prepped, all I’ve needed to do is wash and chop greens to go with it!

I also managed to fit in my gym session and body pump tonight, thankfully this Luna Bar gave me enough energy to get through the workout!


I really liked this flavour, although I couldn’t taste many macadamias.

Tonight for dessert I had the usual post body pump bowl of protein ice cream:


1 scoop of smore’s spirutein, water, ice, stevia and some chocolate sauce made with cocoa powder, water and agave. Perfect!

When it comes to home decor do you prefer the minimal look or do you like a lot of print and pattern? I have quite eclectic taste, I love to mix and match prints and patterns and different styles. I can’t wait until the whole room is finished, just curtains, bedding and accessories to get now :-)

Please check out blog sponsor Cat’s awesome giveaway over at Knitting, Running Eating – such a fab set of prizes, especially the teapigs, nakd goodies and hand knitted coasters!

See you tomorrow for What I ate Wednesday!

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