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Preventing Diabetes Happens

Posted Jan 11 2010 9:04pm
Surprise, eating a high fiber diet protects against Type II diabetes! It really does.

Fresh from the Journal of Nutrition (Vol. 140, No. 1, 68-74, January 2010):

Researchers followed over 75,000 men and women aged 45-75 years old for 14 years. At the end of the research period, 8587 participants had been diagnosed with diabetes. When comparing the diets of diabetics with non-diabetics, researchers found men who consumed the most fiber to be 25% less likely to develop diabetes. Women who consumed the most fiber were also significantly less likely to become diabetic.

The good news is that what we put into our bodies is so powerful. The bad news is that what we put in our bodies is also so powerful.

Good thing high fiber foods are so easy to eat.

1 cup black beans cooked - 15 grams fiber
1 cup pistachios - 14 grams
1 cup almonds - 14 grams
1 russet potato with skin - 5 grams
1 small sweet potato - 5 grams
1 avocado - 7 grams
5 cups popcorn (small bowl) - 6 grams
1 cup split pea soup - 6 grams
1 cup lentils - 15 grams
1 apple - 4 grams
1 cup oatmeal with raisins, walnuts and flaxseed - 8 grams
(see my book Free to Eat - - for full list of foods)

On my last post the video link didn't show - so here it is if you missed out on the 20 Second Challenge.
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