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Preventing Cancer, Healing Cancer

Posted Oct 16 2008 7:58pm

When I think of cancer at least a dozen people come to mind, including friends, former colleagues and family members. More than half of them battled breast cancer. Many are survivors. Others weren't as fortunate. Three of them were in their early 30s when breast cancer struck. One died quickly. The other two are an inspiration of hope.

The best cure for any disease is prevention. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle filled with stress, little sleep, junk food and toxins (environmental and emotional) weaken the body's immunity and makes it more susceptible to illnesses like cancer.

According to this month's edition of
Alternative Medicine, the top 10 ways to prevent cancer and enhance health is to:

  • Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes at day, 4 days a week.
  • Get your sleep (most people need at least 8 hours a night).
  • Practice a form of stress reduction.
  • Eat organic whenever possible.
  • Drink lots of water and green tea (preferably using purified water).
  • Avoid or reduce alcohol, sodium and excess fat consumption.
  • Love yourself and those around you.
  • Communicate clearly, openly and honestly.

In addition, you should reduce the toxins you're exposed at home, including those from personal care products, cleaning products, cosmetics and baby care products. Many contain known carcinogens, even the name brands you trust. To find out how potentially cancer causing your skincare and cosmetics are, you may want to visit Environmental Working Group's interactive guide called Skin Deep It's a valuable safety guide, which pairs ingredients in nearly 25,000 products against 50 definitive toxicity and regulatory databases. Also, to find safer alternatives to many common household products visit the Cancer Prevention Coalition's Web site

Modern medicine has come a long way in treating cancer, and thankfully it is no longer the certain death sentence it once was. Unfortunately, when people are diagnose with the disease they feel powerless to do anything, except accept the traditional treatments and latest medicines, and hope that it's enough. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it's not.

Individuals can empower themselves against the dreaded disease by incorporating complementary therapies that will boost their immune systems. Giving the body tools to encourage healing in addition to conventional approaches is a more comprehensive plan for winning the fight.

Two expansive online sources of information for cancer patients wanting to explore natural and complementary therapies of treatment are Also, this monthAlternative Medicine's Web site is offering a web exclusive on the best diet for cancer patients to support immunity and detoxification, as well as how acupuncture can help ease the side effects of cancer treatments.

The cure for cancer hasn't arrive yet, but individually we can all take a proactive approach in creating a body less susceptible to the dreaded disease. Health and healing is not something that just happens to you. It must be pursued.

Alternative Medicine, June 2007
Energy Times,May 2007

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