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Prevent Dry Skin, Including A Dry Scalp

Posted Feb 17 2011 1:33pm
There are many benefits to adding omega 3 oils to prevent dry skin to your diet. These commonly known benefits are listed below, but first I want to mention that omega 3 fatty acids are also excellent for your skin, including for preventing a dry scalp. Here is the amazing list;

"• Reduce the risk of stroke and sudden heart attack by 50-80%
• Improve good cholesterol
• Decrease bad cholesterol
• Reduce joint inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis
• Improve brain function
• Prevent Alzheimer's
• Reduce the risk of breast cancer
• Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
• Reduce depression
• Improve memory
• Improve sleep
• Increase energy
• Reduce severity and frequency of migraines
• Boost infant IQ
• Improved eye health

"The most important supplement for people to be taking is fish oil. Just three grams a day may provide enormous benefits. It may lower the risk of heart attack or sudden cardiac death by 50 to 80 percent. It may reduce the risk of prostrate and breast cancer. It may reduce depression. When given to pregnant and nursing mothers, it may increase a baby's IQ."

From: Newsweek Jan 16, 2006. While research is rarely deemed conclusive, it is certainly supportive.

The Omega 3 fatty acids in purified fish oils, and foods (eg:salmon, tuna, cod,mackerel), have been shown to
*** Be vital to brain function
*** Boost the effectiveness or replace anti-depressants
*** Reduce depression symptoms by 50%
***Boost synapse connections between cells aiding mood, personality and behavior

OMEGANOL is the nutritional supplement that fulfills your daily needs of omega 3 oils.

Organic cold-pressed flaxseed oil is another excellent oil (use it for salad dressings) that can be added to fish oil, for many health benefits.

Add all the possible health benefits noted above that you can get to PREVENT DRY SKINwith Omeganol.
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