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Pretty Wings………….

Posted Dec 08 2012 2:15pm

…………is a song form the Neo-Soul artist "Maxwell" that was in my head when I started this post.

Wings used to give me a guilt complex, but now I know that  fat from "quality" sources is not unhealthy, and science, knowledge, and experience has taught me that quality meats and poultry, in this case pasture raised chickens, are no detriment to good health, and for non vegetarians, in-moderation, can be an enhancement to a healthy lifestyle. Below I have a"quick and tasty" Honey-Dijon wing recipe.

"Pretty Wings" with a quick and simple Honey Dijon Sauce

Soliga Honey (my fav because it pours easily and great nutrient profile, and a deep rich taste)

Organic Dijon Mustard or quality mustard of choice, such as German Mustard

Pasture Raised Chicken wings or "peg-legs"

Organic Diced Scallions or onions

Diced organic colorful bell peppers

Pink Himalayan Salt and Coarse Ground Black Pepper


…..are simple, I do about a 2/3 mustard to 1/3 ratio honey mix bowl, stir and mix, add finely diced bell peppers and scallions.

Season chicken and bake (we all know how to bake wings). I'm pretty emphatic about checking the temperature to be at 170 with a meat thermometer

Since I'm always picky about getting nutrients while I'm eating, sometimes I will not poor the Honey-Dijon mixture over the wings when cooking, this is because the heat will destroy the enzymes of the honey.

However, since I eat so much of this honey raw, it ain't that serious either way, it just depends if I want the honey mustard sauce as a dipping sauce, or cooked into the chicken, both of which I love. If cooked, I will put the sauce on the wings only for approximately the last 5 minutes of cooking, but that's just my preference.


Below is my pictorial tribute to wings, wings and more wings, my one previously "guilty pleasure" now turned "innocent pleasure"!!!!!



This video the cut "Pretty Wings" by the artist Maxwell, and I admit it has nothing to do with wings, except I thought the song provoked a cool title to this post………..and the fact that the ladies in the video are about as delicious as a plate of wings.

Blogging is simply about putting your brain on the "Cyber-canvas"

…….take a listen if you feel like, otherwise, thanks for stopping by


~stay healthy~


The Healthy Chef's Corner

"The Healthy Chef's"  Deliciously Healthy  Food Tidbits:

Onions and scallions are gaining more attention as prostate cancer fighters.

Compared to conventional and commercially raised chickens, pasture raised chicken have many health benefits read more here .

Pink Himalayan Salt is totally different from table salt in that it contains 84 minerals in perfect balance.

Raw, wild natural honey is extremely healthy, loaded with many health benefits, even when applied externally to the skin as a minor burn, mosquito bite, or rash treatment. One of my friends told me that it effectively addressed his psoriasis.




<<<<<<<<<<<<click on the photo on the left or click here to see all my recipes in

"The Healthy Chef's Corner"

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