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Prenatal Yoga 20 Routines for Common Prenatal Issues for Each Trimester

Posted May 06 2010 11:23pm

Prenatal Yoga 20 Routines for Common Prenatal Issues for Each Trimester

Product Description – This unique Prenatal Yoga DVD includes over 20 routines that are 20 to 60 minutes in length and is the perfect yoga program to help keep you and your baby healthy, fit and feeling well throughout your pregnancy.

Whether you are new to yoga, (or just new to prenatal yoga), this DVD provides expert, step-by-step instruction, to allow you to safely and comfortably experience the benefits of yoga in each trimester and as you prepare for childbirth. Prenatal Yoga Highlights:

– 20 customized and target routines

- Routines designed specifically for each trimester

- A special section on yoga and fertility

- Yoga practices from 20 to 60 minutes

- Guidance and cautions specific to each trimester

- Routines to alleviate morning sickness, lower back pain, digestive issues and other common pregnancy issues.

These routines are specially designed to ensure that you can begin and progress with prenatal yoga throughout your pregnancy. This is the only DVD with these features that changes to fit your needs as you progress with your pregnancy. For your comfort, safety and to provide the maximum benefit, the following items may be beneficial: Yoga mat, folding chair, blankets, pillows and a belt.

2 Stars dont like this dvd
I don’t like this dvd, many routines have the same poses. I am not experiencing morning sickness, But some of their rountines made me nauseous. I really don’t recommend this one.

4 Stars Love the workout options, could use better flow
I bought this DVD early in my pregnancy (with some other workout DVDs) and finally started using it in my 3rd trimester. I am an intermediate yoga student and have been doing prenatal yoga on my own with the prenatal yoga deck since I became pregnant.

I love the different workout options provided, with the choice of a general option, energizing routine, or more specific routines targeted to the different pregnancy discomforts like lower back pain and more. I only wish I had used this DVD earlier in my pregnancy for the symptom reliefs!

As other reviewers have said, this is slow moving and not a fast paced DVD, but it does contain plenty of poses and time in each pose. I was frustrated by the flow as well as the other reviewers, because they change positions/props so much I ended up having to pause the DVD in between poses several times to move the mat, add a chair, or just change the general set-up to match the one in the video. It would have been nicer if they would have allowed for this prop-adjustment time in the DVD rather than just jumping between poses like they do. They do explain where the props should go as well as what to focus on in the pose. Despite these annoying transitions, I still think the workout was decent (slow paced but focused) and helpful and I think this DVD is worth it for all of the different workout options provided!

As for props, they use a yoga mat, folding chair (I used my coffee table as a substitute because all of my chairs have arms on them!), blanket, & bolsters (I used 2 of the dozen pillows from my bed).

The modifications to poses DO seem a bit excessive at times, but it is easy to adjust the modification according to your experience and comfort level. The modifications are reasonable and I appreciate that they are showing everything you can do to make the pose more comfortable and safe.

5 Stars Excellant And Effective
I had used some DVDs the during my first pregnancy, and though they were okay, sometimes they were a bit difficult and did not seem to be geared as much to help me. This time I purchased this one since it is designed to help with various issues.

It is extremely well thought out and taught, I never felt like I was moving too quickly or felt uncomfortable or unsafe and it really helps with issues such as bloating. There are exercises for all three trimesters with different models who are obviously in each trimester themselves.

I gave a friend of mine my copy when she started having back pain in her third trimester and she found it very helpful when she did the exercises. She was a bit unsure at first, but then was very appreciative. The set is basic, and there are props used to help maintain proper positions and support, though many of the things you have around the house anyway. The use of bolster pillows is also great and comfortable.

If you are looking for a hard core workout during your pregnancy, this is not for that. If you want to feel better, then it is is perfect, though there are some gentle general workouts also to use in addition to the ones for specific problems.

Nicely done.

2 Stars I don’t do much yoga
I’m not too sure about yoga but i have a hard time with this dvd. It’s too slow for me and it doesn’t transition smoothly from one pose to the next. I feel there are too many props needed.

2 Stars Didn’t like this DVD
I only used this twice during my pregnancy. First of all you need other equipment such as blocks and bands that don’t come with the dvd. Second, it goes waaaay too slow, even for a preggo! The instructor isn’t pregnant, which to me would have made more sense. I’d feel more like “Hey, she’s pregnant and she can do this so I can too.” I didn’t like this dvd at all. But to be fair, I didn’t really give it much of a chance. I preferred the Prenatal Pilates DVD’s much more and used them frequently.

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