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Pregnancy Nutrition and Calcium Supplements-What You Should Know

Posted Jun 29 2010 2:22pm
It is believed by many women that proper pregnancy nutrition includes numerous calcium supplements.  However, the March of Dimes reports that a woman's need for calcium is actually rather consistent through adulthood.  Of course, calcium supplements are important, but what kind?  Unfortunately, most women aren't consuming the proper daily amount even before pregnancy.  Finally, when a healthy plan for pregnancy nutrition is required they realize the shortfalls of their own diet.

For women aged 19-50, the recommended amount of calcium is around 1000mg each day.   All too often, most are only consuming around 700 mg.  For proper pregnancy nutrition , the recommended amount is even more vital as the baby requires some of the 1,000 mg.  When the food supply is inadequate and does not include calcium supplements, then the body has to borrow calcium from other places, such as the mother's bones.

Natural Sources of Calcium for Pregnancy Nutrition

Even though it is important not to rely only on calcium supplements , they can be an important part of a solid pregnancy nutrition plan.  Expectant mothers should be certain to consume other natural sources of calcium in addition to supplements.  Dairy products can be a vital source for those who consume dairy.  Leafy green vegetables are another natural solution.  Some drinks, like orange juice, and other foods are now also supplemented with calcium.

How to Add the Right Calcium Supplements for Pregnancy Nutrition

Inadequate calcium intake is often caused by women who think they are consuming enough calcium supplements in their daily vitamins.  Unfortunately, the levels in store-bought daily vitamins are not anywhere close to suggested daily values.  Also, there may be problems with the calcium absorption in the body.  For perfect pregnancy nutrition it is essential to choose calcium supplements that are recognized by the body and easily absorbed.  It's best to look for whole food calcium supplements .
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