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Power Mom vs Super Mom

Posted Sep 19 2012 12:07pm
Dr Mommy Online

It’s funny how some women insist on being super moms; it truly baffles my mind! I still remember sitting a table during a women’s conference listening to women chat when one asked me about my then upcoming book. When one of the women heard the title – Letting Go Of Super Mom , she proceeded to fluff her hair and say these words – ‘I’m definitely a super mom and proud of it’. All I could do is stare at her in amazement. I watched her motions, the bags under her eyes, as well as the words she used to convince herself that being a super mom was ‘great’. It was then that I was truly convinced that my mission of spreading the news about being a Power Mom was truly needed.

I love sharing the message of letting go of the super mom mentality and choosing to be a power mom instead. Recently I shared this message on one of the social media channels and again was confronted with opposition. This time the woman mentioned that the label ‘power mom’ just as ‘super mom’ was connected to perfectionism. Of course I quickly addressed this comment with the huge difference that separates a Power Mom from a Super Mom.

So, you’re probably wondering what’s the difference. Well here goes:

Power Mom vs Super Mom

Power Mom has defined healthy boundaries – Super Mom has no boundaries

Power Mom understands her limitations – Super Mom doesn’t think she has limitations

Power Mom is not afraid to ask for help – Super Mom doesn’t ask for help

Power Mom empowers by implementing chores/rules – Super Mom does it all

Power Mom uses a target list – Super Mom has a super long to-do list

Power Mom accepts help when offered – Super Mom doesn’t need help

The list can go on and on but I’m sure you can see the vast difference. As you can tell the Power Mom is not one that promotes perfection, in fact she will be the first to state that she is far from perfect. The Power Mom understands her limitations and isn’t afraid to say ‘no’ when necessary.

You may be wondering how I know so much about super moms. I must confess that I was a super mom or labeled as a super mom for many years and it was a very difficult title to live up to. It was not easy trying to do it all and still put on my ‘happy face’ each and every day. Before long, I was exhausted and felt the ugly feelings of resentment start to surface. It was then that I knew that a change had to take place. Was it easy? Ha! Absolutely not! However, it was essential to make a change or my family was going to suffer and so was my relationship and business. Yes! All of the 3 are inter-related and will suffer if you continue to carry the title of Super Mom.

So, my mission continues…it’s time to let go of the super hero mentality and aim to be a power hero instead. Learn more on how to Let Go of the Super Mom cape in my latest book: Letting Go of Super Mom now available on kindle too:) You can order an autographed copy on my site or purchase online via Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Help me spread the message of Letting Go of Super Mom and ask your local bookstores to carry this book. It will change your life and make you the Power Mom you deserve to be.

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