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Power Food Friday! Turkey

Posted Feb 11 2011 12:00am
I'm not sure that Turkey is usually listed as a power food or not, but for today we'll list it as so (since I tried to make a power food friday tradition but have failed on this) ANYWAY!

Turkey is a lean meat, low in fat.  Until recently I've eaten turkey at Thanksgiving or deli sliced turkey on a sandwich. (Turkey Avocado thank you!)

My mom has recently started replacing almost all the red meat with turkey in her cooking.  She's made amazing turkey chili for Super Bowl Sunday, even used it in spaghetti sauce, really, just about anywhere. You can buy it ground like hamburger meat, and cook it up just the same.  It tastes the same, but makes for a much lower fat version of the same dish.

Turkey is a great source of folic acid (pregos!) Vitamin B, Zinc and Potassium.

Start substituting red meat with turkey!

Also after watching a crazy documentary on cows raised to be slaughtered in my ethics and values class, I don't think I can eat red meat for awhile. It was pretty bad.
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