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Powdered Peanut Butter: PB2

Posted May 19 2011 8:00am

Awhile back I received my first order of PB2, and now I’m almost out. If you haven’t already heard about PB2 you can read about it at this website . Essentially it’s just a specific brand of powdered peanut butter.

You may be wondering why I prefer peanut flour over real peanut butter. That’s a mighty good question, so here is the answer:

  • I like all the different things you can do with it. You can put it on toast (duh), you can add it to smoothies, or you can make it with extra water and pour it over oats and banana
  • On my favourite sourdough bread from Cobs Bread

Runny PB2 is ideal for pouring

The above picture was from the making of my Journey to the Jungle breakfast.

No you are not mistaken. That is cheese-less homemade pizza slice topped with pb2. It’s a crazy combination that I adore, but don’t worry I only had one slice of this sweet & savoury combo.

  • I like how I have to pre-mix PB2 in a dish. That way I can reuse the dish to put in yogurt and I get all the yummy goodness from the dish
  • Hemp seeds, banana, yogurt, dish with pb2 leftovers

    • I like how I can add cinnamon, nutmeg, or anything my tummy desire to PB2 before mixing it up.
    If you want to read a more detailed review and comparison of peanut flours you should check out this post from the Daily Garnish.
    However as I said at the beginning of this post, I am almost out. I’m trying to decide if I should order more PB2 or go with a different brand of powdered peanut butter. Any thoughts?

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