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Potty Training Take Two

Posted Feb 05 2013 6:01pm
I hope your day is going well! After a busy morning yesterday of rushing out to music class and getting groceries, today we had a nice, relaxing morning at home. It is hard to go, go, go everyday, and after a couple of days of getting up and out of the house early, Keenan usually insists on staying home and playing. So, today, we stayed in and made birthday cards for Nonna and Daddy, since their birthdays are next week and went outside and played in Keenan’s sandbox. When making cards, Keenan did so much better with the glitter this time! I was actually able to contain it all in the cookie sheet (though, I’m still finding bits of glitter on the floor from our last craft day !). It was funny, today, Keenan was all about using the scissors and cutting up paper and gluing it. I found some old kid size scissors a couple of weeks ago and he has been having fun “practicing” his cutting lately!

Birthday cards for Nonna and Daddy!

Birthday cards for Nonna and Daddy!

Speaking of “practicing,” we are still working on potty training. It has been six months since we introduced the potty and started getting Keenan familiar with it, as well as sitting him on it throughout the day, but to tell you the truth, no real progress has been made. When we started the process in August, I was completely naive in thinking that it wouldn’t take longer than a couple of months and Keenan would be out of diapers in no time. Boy, was I wrong! I never anticipated it to take this long. In the first month, Keenan was excited to sit on the potty and would ask to go on it all the time. We wouldn’t force it if he didn’t want to sit on it, we just followed his lead. Now, he isn’t too excited to sit on it and he only goes pee. We sit him on the potty every hour to an hour and a half and for every pee pee that he makes, he gets a stamp on his potty chart (that he gets to do himself) and for every number two he makes, he gets a sticker (though that hasn’t happened yet!). When he is making his “poopy face” (as we call it), we sit him on the potty and he refuses to go, no matter how long he sits on it and how many books we read while sitting there. It never fails that as soon as we put his diaper back on, he goes number two within minutes, UGH!

Reading his "Highlights High Five" magazine while doing his business!

Reading his “Highlights High Five” magazine while doing his business!

Keenan will be two and a half in a few weeks and I’ve read it is the age when boys start to show real signs of being ready to potty train. I’m  keeping my fingers crossed that this is the case with him! I feel he is fully ready because he tells us if he went pee pee in his diaper and he recognizes when he is wet, but he doesn’t want to stop what he is doing to sit on the potty. He would rather sit in a poopy diaper and play, than sit on the potty. So, I’m at a loss on where we should go from here. I don’t want it to be a battle; I want him to be excited about going on the potty. But, I’m not sure I can continue with this long drawn out process! I’m ready for him to be out of diapers, especially since we are planning on trying for baby #2 soon. I personally don’t want two children in diapers.

I’ve been reading up on the “potty training in three days” method, the naked or pant less methods of staying home for a week, giving them lots of liquids and keeping the potty close, and I think I’m ready to try one of them. But, at the same time, I’m torn…do I force my agenda on getting him trained as soon as possible? Or, do I continue to go with his lead, which is taking FOREVER? With everything else, such as weaning from nursing, introducing solid foods, I went with his lead, so I don’t want to force him to potty train when he isn’t quite ready.

We are going away to the North Coast for a few days at the end of next week for my husband’s birthday, while Keenan stays with my in-laws (our first time leaving him with someone for more than 2 nights…Eek!), so I’m thinking after our little getaway, I’m going to hit it hard and try one of the methods. So, we’ll see…I’ll be sure to keep you posted!


- For all of you veteran moms out there, what worked best for you and your children in regards to potty training?

- Did you try any particular method or did you follow your child’s lead?

-If you used cloth diapers, did you buy cloth pull-ups or disposable ones? We use cloth g diapers, but to make things easier and for Keenan to get used to “underwear,” I’m thinking of getting cloth pull ups or breaking down and getting disposable ones.

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