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Potential dangers of eating tofu?

Posted by Brian N.

I heard that the nigari used as a coagulant when making tofu increases the chance of developing kidney stones. Is this true? I love tofu and I wonder how I can still enjoy it w/o endangering my health. Or am I worried over something with a very low probability of occurrence? Yes, I like soy milk but it's not the same as eating tofu.
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The Dangers of Eating Tofu. Look, the most dangerous thing about tofu is the same as with any food - you could choke on it when you're eating it (a bump bump - where's the band?). Just kidding... no, it is true that there should be some concern when ingesting soy - and I'm confused, because you said you were talking about tofu, not soy. But tofu is made up of soy. The ways to be sure you are consuming a healthy soy based product is to avoid anything that is not organic or has been genetically manipulated. You should stay away from the soy protein isolates, because they really are not in a form that is providing what your body can handle. Also, know that it's okay to have tofu several times a week. Just not every second of the day. Hope this helped a little. One point to mention - even though you didn't want this to go in this direction - many of the soy milks that are served in cardboard containers have been processed in a way that's not digestible. Consider fresh soy milk or none at all.
Thanks CLR. Thank you for responding to my question. My concern is about eating tofu and not soy products in general. I heard that nigari (the coagulant) might have harmful effects. Since it's not used in soy milk, it's not an issue there. I ate tofu everyday for awhile and after I heard that nigari could be harmful, I cut back.
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