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Postponement & The 5 Major Poisons Inherently Found In Animal Foods

Posted Feb 05 2010 2:59pm

UPDATE FOR BOOK:  Unfortunately due to family issues, time constraints and the like I haven’t been able to complete my book.  It will most likely be another few months before completion as I have more pressing issues that have unfortunately had to take priority recently :(   Shame but it is coming along nicely!


I just came across a great article I would like to share by Dr John McDougall on the poisons found in animal foods.


“Protein, fat, cholesterol, methionine (a sulfur-containing amino acid), and dietary acids, which are all superabundant in animal foods, are poisoning nearly everyone following the standard Western diet. Most people cannot fathom this, because it takes four or more decades of consumption before disability, disfigurement, and death become common from these endogenous toxins. This long latent period fools the public into thinking there is no harm done by choosing an animal-food-based diet. If the case were one of instantaneous feedback—one plate of fried eggs caused excruciating chest pains, paralysis from a stroke followed a prime rib dinner, or a hard cancerous lump appeared within a week of a grilled cheese sandwich—then eating animal foods would be widely recognized as an exceedingly unwise choice.

Similar failures to appreciate slow poisonings from our lifestyle choices are seen with tobacco and alcohol use. If one package of cigarettes were followed by a week on a respirator or a bottle or two of gin caused hepatic (liver) coma then no one would indulge in these instruments of long-drawn-out death either. The difference defining the failure to take long overdue actions is that the dangers from tobacco and alcohol use are universally known and accepted, whereas almost everyone considers red meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products necessary parts of a healthy diet…”


Click Here to Read Full Story.

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