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Post holiday detoxing and exercise

Posted Jun 27 2010 12:24pm
I woke up really early this morning, just at the same time that I have been waking up in Majorca. I didn't mind as I wanted to get out for my first outdoor run in about a month!

As soon as I got up I thought I'd might as well see what the damage was and weigh myself. I have put on 6 lbs! I'm not too bothered by this as I was already 3 lbs under my 'happy' weight (10st / 140lbs) so thats only 3 lbs to lose.

I had a cup of hot water with lemon and then I set off on my 3 mile run. I wore my knee support and used my shoe inserts. I really enjoyed getting out and running in the fresh air. I could definitely tell that I was slower than usual but I managed just over 3 miles in just over 30 minutes. My knee was ok during the run but it has been quite painful during the day. I've iced it a few times and I'm hoping that it will be ok tomorrow. It seems that any hope of putting in a really good performance at the Great North Run is slipping away from me, at this rate I'll be happy to just finish the 13.1 miles! I have a new training plan in mind but even that may have to be scaled back, I think I'm going to have to just do the best I can.

After my run I made a blueberry green monster for breakfast. It included spinach, frozen blueberries, a scoop of vanilla whey, hazelnut and almond rice milk and for a little extra thickness and energy a couple of tablespoons of porridge oats. I had the smoothie in a bowl topped with goji berries and pumpkin seeds.

For lunch I started with a bowl of miso soup with some chopped spring onion (which I had a strange craving for)

Then I made myself a delicious Tuna Bean Salad inspired by a dish I had while on holiday.

Tuna Bean Salad (makes two servings)

1 small tin of tuna
1 tin of harricot beans, drained and rinsed
bunch of spring onions chopped
half a yellow pepper chopped
half a red pepper chopped
tablespoon of balsamic vinigrette

Mix all ingredients together and serve on top of some mixed salad leaves.

This was really tasty! I also had a golden delicious apple.

Mid afternoon I snacked on some lemon corridander hummus with sliced green pepper and cucumber for dipping.

Dinner was a bowl of freshly made Courgette and Watercress Soup

Followed by a bowl of greek style yoghurt with flaked and chopped whole almonds topped with some agave syrup.

I also had another apple, this time a pink lady.

I'm happy to have had a day of really healthy eats!

I have only three weeks until my next holiday when I'm heading down to Brighton to stay with my Aunt and Uncle. I'm therefore planning on having three very healthy weeks with plenty of exercise - a bit like my Summer Confidence Challenge again!

Post Holiday Detox

I think the body can naturally detox itself quite well but I feel that after last weeks eats I need a couple of weeks of healthy foods and no alcohol! To be honest I think doing a 'detox' for me is more mental than physical. I just feel better after cleaning up my eats a bit. I may have a day next week when I just eat fruit, veggies and nuts to give my body a break.

This week I'm going to be trying to keep an eye on how much fruit I'm eating. I ate a load of sugary fruits like pineapple and dates while I was away and along with the deserts and ice cream I feel a bit sugared out. I'm going to stick to just apples and berries this week, along with lots of veggies. I'll also be avoiding caffeine and alcohol for the next couple of weeks as well as keeping an eye on my portion sizes. I'm not going to be going down the protein shake route like the Summer Confidence Challenge as its just too boring for me! Hopefully this will be enough to lose the few pounds I've gained while away and reduce some of the bloating I've been experiencing because of that over eating.

I'm also going to start myself on a new training plan for the next three weeks. Theres not really much to review from my June training plan due to my knee injury and holiday so I think its just best to think onward and upwards and get an early start to July!

July Training Plan

Monday - Gym 20 minutes on crosstrainer (level 10 / 14), step machine (level 14 / 18) and bike (levels 7 / 12 / 18) doing 1 minute intervals (with 30 seconds of standing on the bike at level 18) - abs exercises - 20 x full sit ups, 20 x bicycle crunches, 20 x crunches, 20 x side reaches, 20 reverse crunches, 30 sec plank hold x 3 sets

Tuesday - DVD - Davina Fit - Top Fit section

Wednesday - Run / Gym / Yoga - I'm going to leave my Wednesday workout flexible and see how my knee fairs. If it isn't too bad I will try and do a 3 mile run, if not I'll do a gym workout like Monday but with a short treadmill run. I will also try and fit in some yoga or yogalates depending on what time I have available.

Thursday - DVD - Davina Fit - Top Fit section

Friday - Gym - 10 minutes on cross trainer (1 minute intervals) 10 minutes on step machine (1 minute intervals)

Upper body and Abs Supersets (will use weights that really challenge me in the last 4 - 5 reps of an exercise)

x 3 sets
bicep curl with a squat - 12 - 15 reps
tricep dips - 15 reps (BW)
sit ups on stablility ball - 20 reps

x 3 sets
Tricep kickbacks - 12 - 15 reps
Chest press on stablility ball - 12- 15 reps
Leg raises - 15 reps

x 3 sets

Shoulder press on stablility ball - 12 - 15 reps
Three point dumbbell row - 12 - 15 reps
Wood chop and reverse wood chop with medicine ball - 12 reps on each side

Saturday - Distance run (I hope!) I'm planning on gradually increasing my distance each week from this weeks 3 miles.

Sunday - Rest Day

I think this should be enough to get me back on track, and fingers crossed my knee will be improved enough to continue running. Have you ever done a detox diet before? If so what did it entail? Do you even believe in detoxing?

I'm also saying nothing about the football, what a joke! Hope you have all had a good weekend! x
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