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Post Holiday Brain Dump

Posted Feb 19 2013 7:30am

Good morning friends! After ANOTHER 3 day weekend, that didn’t include any shoveling, I am coming to you refreshed and ready to take on the week. I also had to get my mug from my last post off as the first thing you see when coming to my little blog. Eek.

Although I had an excellent weekend I have nothing major to recap. It was fun! I took a few naps! YAY! Instead I wanted to do a quick brain dump. So much to tell you, yet so little time.


*My birthday was wonderful. Over the past few years I have spent my birthday on vacation so this year was a bit different. Instead I went to work, where my co-workers showered me with Happy Birthdays and card, and then headed to Innovations night at MIT. The night had a local food theme so there were local vendors showing off their goods


We finished the night off with one of my favorite meals in the entire world…CHIPOTLE! My go to is a salad with chicken, mild salsa, a little green salsa, and just a touch of cheese. Simple tastes for a simple girl.

*My parents sent me a really cute video of them singing and wishing me Happy Birthday. Their boys also sent me a little message. Don’t they seem excited?!

* I spent Valentine’s Day at the Capital Grille for dinner. Our entire meal was fantastic and I enjoyed every bite. I DID NOT enjoy that every server gave every woman in the restaurant a rose except me. Grrr.

*Tomorrow I’m back to my spinning class after a week off. I am so excited but slightly concerned that my booty will not be pleased with me.

* My tea obsession continues. I had a little tea buying frenzy at Whole Foods over the weekend. I finally figured out that I enjoy fruity and tart tea.

* Boston got a little snow over the weekend. My car is a hot mess because of this. My hitch on the back was lost somewhere over the past week and at times I find it difficult to tell my car apart from the other dirty cars. On the next super sunny day I will be the first in line at the car wash.

* President’s Day was the perfect opportunity for me to head down to the new Harpoon Beer Hall. There were tons of people there and lots of folks to chat with. The new digs are a great addition to the tour and tastings they already offer.

Nothing goes better with a day at the beer hall than a plate full of oysters. Check and check.

* I keep buying things I don’t *really* need and then saying “It is my birthday present to me!” as the excuse for spending the $$$. Heh. I’m going to use this all year long.


* I am obsessed with this new Wii game. I love Zumba and now I can be competitive with it. Perfect. Just in case you folks are Wii fans, I will do a full review on this soon!

* It is jus a little over a month away from my vacation. This not only gets me excited, but also has me in full on planning mode. What to wear. What to bring. What to do! I love planning vacations.

*I’m on the hunt for a new work bag. Something nice, sturdy, a little bright but not obnoxious, and BIG. Suggestions?!


Did you have President’s Day off? Did you do anything fun?!

PS. My final update to my 32 While 32 will be out later this week. Plus the debut of my 33 While 33 list!

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