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"Post-Concussive Syndrome," Dr. Says

Posted Jul 12 2010 4:09pm

Concussion image Sure enough, my suspicions were correct .

I just came back from the neurologist, who gave me a verdict that explain my headaches, vertigo, sudden fatigue and minor concentration issues after my scary July 4 collision with a glass (that had no stickers on it.)

"Post-concussive syndrome," he pronounced. (It's also called post concussion syndrome.)

I'm now on doctor-ordered bed rest, drinking lots of liquids -- and you'll love this, "don't spend a lot of time cooking." (He didn't mention no blogging!)

As for reading, he said, "Well, don't read War and Peace." (Pretty cool to get a doctor with a sense of humor!)

In other words, I'm on doctor's orders to be a couch potato! That's a challenge for  this go-getter, who seeks to make a difference. But, frankly, my aching and dizzy head thanks him!

Oh, and I'm disappointed, because for now, I have to hold off training for my 100-mile bike ride to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society .

But my prominent emotion is GRATITUDE! I am sooo glad to be alive. This bump on the head knocked me into intense thankfulness. Just imagine how bad it could have been if the glass had shattered? Would I even still be around? 

Anyhow, Sugar Shock Blog readers, don't worry, you'll still get compelling content here, but I need to turn to fellow health experts. Please contribute your short, snappy, provocative posts. Let me know if you can provide some content.

And look for tweets from me, too. (They're easier to write since they're so short). So please follow me on Twitter .

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Gotta ice my head now and rest. But first I'll skim this fascinating article.

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