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Pomegranite Izzy's!

Posted by Dave K.

I'm a HUGE fan of Izzy's soda, especially the pear variety. Since hearing how good pomegranite is for you, I've started drinking their pomegranite soda, and you know, it's not half bad...
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I tried pomegranite izzy's and it's great. Thanks Dave!
I love that - it's not half bad. That should be the advertising label, cause it'll really reel them in. Haha. Just teasing. I have written in another section before regarding making your own, homemade version of a natural soda. All you need is soda water and your favorite flavor. To make it exotic, throw in additional item like mint sprigs and lemon. And I gotta say, staying healthy - it's not half bad!
Is pomegranite soda for the sake of getting the nutritional benefits of pomegranite equivalent to eating ketchup instead of tomatoes? Don't get me wrong--pomegranite soda sounds....not half bad. ;-)
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