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Pomegranate Sparkling Orange Juice- Fancy Holiday Drinks!

Posted Nov 09 2012 7:38am

When my husband and I were first married, I always volunteered to bring the drinks for our holiday buffet's.  It was the easiest thing! For $0.79 we could pick up a 2 liter of pop and I didn't have to worry about preparing anything, or having our dish not turn out.   It was great for a few years, until we started having kids, and I would watch in horror as they would spend the entire holiday party pouring themselves glass after glass of pure refined sugar!   Slowly, as they started growing up, we transitioned to bringing juice (without sugar added of course)! It's still sweet, still delicious, and most importantly, they don't over-do it the way they over-did the soda pop.  

Now that we've started juicing (and I've written an entire book on juicing recipes ) we want to make this years drinks a little bit fancy!  So, we are experimenting with juicing ideas.  Juicing can get expensive when you are buying all your fruits and vegetables for your juices, so we often will use store bought apple juice or store bought orange juice for our base.  For this recipe we used Tropicana Pure Premium 100% pure Florida orange juice, rather than buying a case of oranges.  We then juiced some pomegranates for a little "punch", and added sparkling water for a little "fancy."

Step 1) Juice your pomegranate!

We first opened a pomegranate to get the seeds out, by following Natalie's tutorial from the other day .  For one pomegranate, we ended up with about 1 cup of seeds (or pips), which we were able to juice into 1/2 cup worth of juice.

Step 2) Combine Ingredients

The recipe was:

  • 4 cups Tropicana Pure Premium 100% pure Florida orange juice
  • 1/2 Cup pomegranate juice (or juice from one pomegranate)
  • 1/2 cup sparkling water

We love mixing juices, and using orange juice for our base is a great way to stretch your produce dollars.  Using Tropicana Pure Premium 100% pure Florida orange juice is a great choice because it is made only from 100% fresh oranges making it worth the money for sure!

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