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Pointing The Kids Towards Eating Healthy Nutritious Food

Posted Oct 17 2008 8:03pm

As a mother of 5, I've always wanted my children to be eating healthy nutritious food but with the mass marketing of junk food directed at children...I always felt like I was making a steep, uphill climb to get there. Plus, I nor my husband consistently made nutritious food choices all of the time either.

Our children are ages 13,11,9,7 and 5 years old. They have usually viewed me as the mean old nutrition natzi and would whine and complain about having to eat food that was good for them. And like most parents do, I'd give in and just "give 'em what they want", dang it!

But about a year and a half ago, I tried THE FEAST whole food juice powder(see ). And because the taste of this drink was so berry delicious, I gave it to the kids. And lo and behold, they really liked it! They began drinking it daily.

Well, immediately, I noticed that my children quit asking for junk food. It seems that as their bodies received
real nutrition , they instantly wanted more of it. One day, after having taken THE FEAST consistently for a week or so, my former pasta/dough lover came inside from playing and asked "Do you have any bell peppers, Mom?". He wanted to eat one!!! I was shocked. Then, the next day, he came in and went into the fridge and grabbed a raw squash and started chomping on it!!! This was all just because he was craving REAL food instead of the junk he'd previously been attracted to.

My children just don't snack as much when they drink THE FEAST. And they're now happier with
healthier snacks like fruit, nuts, carrots, or a rice cake and natural p-nut butter. WHAT FOOD-WISE MOM WOULDN'T LOVE THAT?

This one scoop of powder made from the juice of 30 fruits and 30 vegetables, plus seeds, nuts, and sprouted grains provides my child with an equivalent of 4 servings of fruits and veggies. This juice is dried to powder without pasteurization or high temps that would damage the nutrient denseness of the juice.

Honestly, I must confess that they still want junk food when it's offered. The one thing we moms all have within our power, though is that we ABSOLUTELY CAN make sure we bring only
nutritious foods into our homes. This is one thing we forget that remains within our control.

If you're trying to institute change, realize that it first starts with you! Make small changes to begin with, like choosing different snack foods and breakfast cereals. Pay attention to how much sugar/high fructose corn syrup is in what you're feeding them at breakfast and snack times.

Believe me, if the junk isn't there, they'll soon decide to try the good stuff. Don't worry so much about their whining and belly-aching over the changes. You have a goal in mind, remember? Pick one area to change and stick with it.

I did this several months ago regarding breakfast cereals. I simply quit buying the junk they so desperately wanted. It was not easy, at first. They would go to grab some and realize, once again, that IT wasn't there and they'd pout and cry and accuse me of starving them! I said, "Oh well, you don't have to eat. It won't bother me if you don't". I'd offer them a healthy alternative like whole wheat homemade toast, or oatmeal. They'd pout some more. Then, while I wasn't looking, they'd sneak back into the kitchen and get that good-for-you breakfast food and go on about their day!

FINALLY, they are
eating healthy nutritious food ! We are getting there one step at a time. But I am honest when I say that THE FEAST was a HUGE yet VERY SIMPLE step. It was the thing that helped us all cross over into a lifestyle of healthy food choices . It's where I'd always hoped we could go.

Merry K.
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