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Poem: Sweet Little Things Called "Friends" By Linda Rae

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:10pm

Today, I'm happy to present something from a reader of my book SUGAR SHOCK!

Linda Rae decided to take the advice I offered in the book to get creative in conquering your sugar habit. Here's a poem she was gracious enough to let me post here.

It's important to take to heart some of Linda's observations. You see, when trying to kick out sugar and those culprit carbs, some people need to be more assertive when they're out and about doing socializing so that they can take care of themselves better. The dilemma is that people use food as a social event.

"Maybe [this poem] will  be helpful to someone," she wrote me. "Sometimes we just can't see what the problem is when it is right in front of us." Here's her poem:

Sweet Little Things Called “Friends” By Linda Rae of Maricopa, Arizona

That powerful cookie is calling my name

as I shop for my food in the Store.

It’s really quite easy to forget why I came

when I see all that ice-cream and more.

Keeping on track with my food plan on my own

is a difficult enough task to follow.

I don’t need advice or ideas for my diet.

Just try to be nice and don’t ask me to “try it”.

It’s so hard to escape those things called “temptations”.

They don’t want to leave me alone.

They come in all sizes and forms and disguises

despite my desires I’ve made known.

My friends are not helping or doing me favors

when they say, “just one taste won’t be wrong”.

They don’t understand about an addict’s behavior

and my needs to be healthy and strong.

They think it’s a diet or fad that will end

and I’ll eat like I did in my past.

I’m constantly telling them over again,

“This time I want it to last”.

I’ve decided my health and well being

is worth any “offending” I’ve done.

If “my” needs are not worth their pleasing—

then I am the offended one.

If dining at the restaurant of their choosing

is the only option for me

Then friendships I’ll have to risk losing,

so, I can remain sugar free!

Note from Connie:

I'm saddened by Linda's experience, because she sheds light on the fact that sometimes friends are unwitting saboteurs. So, when you decide to treat your body well and kick out (or cut back on) the culprit carbs, you need to surround yourself with people who will support you.

I would hope, though, that you would be able to hang onto your friends if you go sugar-free. Sure, you have to be careful when dining out, but if loved ones care for you, they'll be respectful of what you need to do for yourself.

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