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Playing Catch Up

Posted Mar 02 2011 2:29am

Hi Friends! Sorry for the massive break from posting. After my impromptu visit to Connecticut, there was plenty of work to catch up on in both the home front and in the office. And to add to the chaos, after returning from Connecticut, I was sent on a business trip to Arizona three days later. I know there are a lot of people who are great at jet-setting and can leave in a moment’s notice, but I am not one of those people! Truthfully, I get stressed out by traveling pretty easily. There’s so much to do to prepare for the trip, making arrangements for pet boarding, transportation to the airport, lodging accommodations, etc. Plus, I’m not great at working on the go, so I always end up feeling behind on my work when I arrive back home. Needless to say, I’ve been playing catch up for the past two weeks.


I’ve been doing my best at acting as Superwoman, but there have been plenty of days where I’ve lost the balance . I’ve been keeping myself sane by reminding myself to breath and letting my to-do list run my life for me. Also, I’ve been passing up on blogging in the evenings in order to give myself a little *me* time. I think it’s important for everyone to take time out of their day for themselves. Whether your chillax moment is spent reading or watching the Oscars, you’re doing yourself a favor by doing it!


Also adding to the chaos of these past two weeks – it actually snowed in Seattle last week! And to think that I thought I left this stuff behind in Connecticut!


The only one who was actually head-over-heels excited for this stuff was this guy.


It was like watching a kid on Christmas morning! Actually, more like Christmas Eve since Prince couldn’t wait until the morning to get outside and enjoy all of the strange, edible white stuff falling from the sky.



IMG_1294 IMG_1272

IMG_1291 IMG_1292

All of this chilly weather has had me craving for comfort food in a big way. You know, something warm that’s going to make me feel good inside. Not that long ago, this sort of craving would have meant Easy Mac, Ramen Noodles, and plenty of fast food. Nowadays, I’m glad to say that my comfort food has a new definition. Besides being warm and tasty, I’m also looking for foods full of vitamins and healthy carbs, protein, and fiber.

Of course there’s no better way to start the day than with a great breakfast (and a steaming cup of coffee)!





I’ve found that perhaps the one great benefit of the cold weather has been getting to put my hair in pigtails and throwing a beanie on top and calling it good. This has been my go-to, no-fuss hairstyle on the weekends and I love it so much, I may just continue it through the summer.


It should go without saying that flannel pajama bottoms and fuzzy slippers are my standard weekend uniform while I’m home.


In the evenings, I’ve been turning to warm, hearty, soup-like dinners including oatmeal, sweet potato chili, and lentil soup.




And this past Sunday saw the return of an old favorite that I haven’t enjoyed since last September. Waffles with peanut butter and bananas!


Chili, fuzzy slippers, coffee, an excuse not to do anything to my hair…. Hm, maybe this snow stuff really isn’t all that bad after all.

I think I might have a hard time convincing Kaylie of that though!


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