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Planning to Plan: Fitness and Food (and Work)

Posted Jan 20 2012 8:04am

If you were a fly on my wall, you would hear a lot of laughing. And it would mostly be Joe laughing after I’ve said, “I have an idea. Do you want to hear it?”

He isn’t really laughing at me (well, maybe a little), but he is definitely laughing at the fact I have so many ideas.

I’m hoping that I can stay on track enough today, for at least part of the day, to make my plan that incorporates all of my current new ideas. Implementing is a different story…

One thing on my Plan to Plan list—is to do a better job at measuring ingredients when I make food (and then writing it down).

For example, I made waffles. No wait, I made one waffle (because if I make more I eat more), and it was really really good.

Almond flour....almond milk, egg, (whites beaten till stiff), vanilla protein powder (optional), and organic maple extract.


But I didn’t measure anything, so I can tell you the ingredients, but not the amounts (and maybe I’m forgetting an ingredient or two as well).

Hopefully, I can work on this one right away. I’ll keep you posted.

I also need to plan (or figure out) what the heck to do with the radishes I bought the other day. Maybe I should plan to stop buying things that I just think are pretty. Because I don’t really like radishes (but they’re good for me, right?).

Pretty radishes...totally unnecessary.


The Weekend Plan

I’ll have Matthew with me this weekend, so I’m hoping he wants to go swimming at the Y, maybe ice skating too (although last I heard, he told Grandpa he was never doing that again–hoping to undo that feeling).

The Fitness Plan

I’ve got a 15 minute Ugi/Sandbag workout that I made up, and am (hopefully) doing this morning. I’m trying to figure out a way to share it with you that isn’t confusing and doesn’t take me hours to write-up. Also, I’m thinking about adding the Bodyrock 30 Day Challenge to my plan. Would you be interested in following that? I’d have to make modifications — I have a phobia about bothering people, and jumping around in this old house would probably shake the whole thing (my landlords own the house and live upstairs).


The Food Plan

Obviously, I’m grain-free. The summary of my way of eating is this: veggies first, organic grass-fed meat/fish second, raw cheese/dairy/coconut oil/butter third, raw nuts/seeds last. This past week, I ate some things I don’t normally eat (still in those categories), and my skin is, um, not happy about it. Lori and Michelle have been writing posts about dealing with their skin challenges, and they mentioned that one cause of skin problems can be the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 in the diet. Nuts have “healthy fats,” but with the higher omega-6 content, I’m thinking I need to cut back and see if that’s the problem. Or maybe it’s too much dairy, but I haven’t increased that lately. Or maybe it’s the piece of chocolate I ate the other day (I don’t believe chocolate causes skin issues, but there is sugar and soy lecithin in it…so maybe it’s that). Or maybe it’s because I had extra caffeine this week. Maybe the solution is an elimination diet? I mean, that’s probably what I’d recommend to a client! (I should walk the talk, shouldn’t I?)

I believe that most physical issues can be traced back to food!

Ok, I’m off to grade some final projects, post some discussion forum posts, work out, clean up…and thaw out my car! I hope you have a fabulous day and weekend.

Are you good about measuring and writing down recipes you make up in the kitchen?

Do you try to connect your physical issues to the food you’ve been eating? 

Are you a Bodyrock fan?

Happy #WineFriday!!! What’s on tap for happy hour today?!

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