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PLAN For Healthy Holiday Eating

Posted by Lela D.

Thanksgiving is a big gorging day, but once that huge meal is over it's over. The rest of December, however, presents us with an entire season of festive eating. It is said that the average American packs on seven extra pounds this month! Ack! But you want to enjoy the holidays - so what do you do? My advice is to PLAN! If you waltz through the month without a plan, you will end up eating three times the calories! But if you have a plan and choose your treats wisely, you will not only avoid weight gain, but you'll enjoy your "bad" foods all the more because you'll be more conscious. You'll savor them.

So, if you've got a week with four parties to attend, you've got to compensate somehow. Maybe you don't have the eggnog with rum that week while making dinner. Maybe you do some extra time on the treadmill. Maybe you eat salad all the time you're not actually AT a party. You have to do what works for you, but I've found that Weight Watchers point counting is very helpful. You can budget your points according to your plans. And yes, you can drink champagne.

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