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Pizza Flavored Coconut Flour Flatbread Grilled Cheese {Recipe Update}

Posted Apr 18 2012 4:39pm

After having received some great feedback and ideas on my original coconut flour flatbread recipe, I decided I would revisit it a little and try some new varieties. That post quickly became my most popular one—so I’m really glad that people are trying the recipe, enjoying it and letting me know too!

Today’s variety of the flat bread involves parmesan cheese and pizza seasoning. I use the organic pizza seasoning, but you could always just add the traditional spices that go into pizza sauce separately! I also tailored this recipe to serve just one person (me) for lunch. It was the perfect amount for two pieces of bread.

Pizza Flavored {Coconut Flour} Flatbread

Heat your frying pan to medium, and add a tbsp or 2 of butter (grassfed/organic for more fat-busting CLAs!).

In a bowl, mix until smooth:

1 egg
1 tbsp coconut flour
1 tbsp parmesan cheese
3 dashes pizza seasoning
2 Tbsp liquid (I used half and half because that’s what I had, but I’m sure you could use milk or almond milk, etc.)

Use the batter to make two equally sized pancakes. When you flip them, add cheese and pesto to one, and put the other pancake on top (“done” side down). Flip when the bottom is done, and when both sides are golden, transfer to a plate.

Notice I left out the baking soda and powder—I’ve found they’re not necessary. Coconut flour is fluffy enough!!! The cheese and pizza seasoning make the bread taste amazing (well, like pizza), and the pesto is a great optional addition to the sandwich.

I hear garlic powder and other herbs are awesome additions to this recipe, and I really like it plain too!


Today is a work day for me (and a laundry day…and a get a little bit overwhelmed with work day…). I have a new class starting today, and another class taking final exams (so lots of new students to meet, as well as panicking final exam takers). It seems to be nice outside, but I wouldn’t know (yet) since I’ve been on the computer all day. Note: I’m not complaining—I’m so happy I had this entire day to get (mostly) caught up!

It’s a great week for me—what about you? 

What is your favorite way to make grilled cheese?

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