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Pistachio Froyo – with kitchen appliance confessions

Posted Jun 28 2013 10:21pm
Hello my name is Sarah and I am a kitchen appliance addict.

•I have a steamer *(most used appliance)
•I have a slow cooker
•I have a blender **(second most used appliance)
•I have a dehydrator
•I have a (really horrible) food processor
•I have an icecream maker
•I have a Yonanas
•I have a kitchen aid mixer (okay, it’s my mothers but you get the idea)

Yet sometimes when I am looking for a quick and easy snack fix I don’t want to pull out a kitchen appliance not to mention the additional item I would have to clean. That is why I have experimented to come up with a simple frozen greek yogurt that doesn’t use anything but a bowl, a spoon, and a few simple ingredients.

Like I said: no appliances = less cleaning I used SF jello so this recipe isn’t very healthy with the fake sweetener, but it is is still tasty It was a little sweet compared to what I am used to, but that can always be altered with a little less pudding powder The texture is exactly what you would expect from frozen yogurt
Pistachio Frozen Yogurt
Ingredients: Instructions

•1 tbsp peanut flour

•1 tbsp pistachio instant jello pudding

•1/4 cup greek yogurt

•2 tbsp almond milk

•1/4 cup greek yogurt

1)Mix all dry ingredients. Add greek yogurt, mix well.

2)Add almond milk, mix well.

3)Let sit in freezer for around 30 minutes (with fan blowing) or longer if fan isn’t on. Stir intermittently 

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General Comments You can substitute the peanut flour for an unsweetened protein powder

Even though I just shared a recipe sans kitchen appliance, I still love my appliances and there are many more that I want. Like a waffle maker, and a good food processor!


Which of your kitchen appliances do you use the most? What is the next kitchen appliance you want to buy?


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