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Pinkberry Yogurt - Health Food Impostor!!

Posted Apr 27 2010 12:30pm

So you're trying to eat healthy. You’re on a diet (aren't we all these days). You've been eating low fat salads and fiber rich vegetables like you're Bugs Bunny on crack, and you have been working hard to avoid any bad foods in an effort to shift that spare tire from around what used to be classified as your waist.

 Would you then reach for a candy bar? How about a cupcake or cookie? Of course not because you know they are about as bad for your weight loss plans as a vodka cranberry is for Tara Reid's sobriety. Well what if i told you when you head down to Pinkberry for a "healthy" yogurt, you will actually be consuming more sugar than if you ate your favorite candy bar? How about if I told you it has more sugar than two cans of Coca Cola? Yep, that’s right. Yogurt is the first of Healthy Boy's Health Food Impostors because consuming it will not only make all that salad and vegetable munching worthless, it will leave a taste in your mouth that is more sour than sweet.



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