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Pink eye :(

Posted Jul 18 2009 11:59pm
My lunch yesterday was probably one of the most creative raw things I've tried. I made a raw version of a sandwich with jicama as the bread. Inside I had roma tomato slices, zucchini slices, sun dried tomato and drizzled over with spicy almond dressing (recipe coming soon to deliciously healthy)!

I had a few extra mini sandwiches on the side.

Here is my beautiful completed sandwich. The sandwich was perfect and crunchy with the jicama as bread. This was incredibly filling.

My pm snackie was a beautiful salad. I had spinach, romaine, bell pepps, raisins, slivered almonds and covered with aaahhhh-mazing citrus ginger dressing (recipe soon on d.h.).

After work, I came home to find I have pink eye. :( I was so disappointed since it is so contagious, I can't do the stuff I usually do. I missed zumba and athletic training since I didn't want to infect anyone. Boo to that!

Luckily dinner was so good it kinda made up for it. I saw a recipe for chicken curry salad on the interwebs so it gave me a super good idea! I made chickpea curry salad. It was just the right amount of spice! I loved every bite, and I kinda finished it all! It was the most delicious thing ever. Don't worry, the recipe will be shared with all.

I served it on jicama crackers. There are so many amazing uses for jicama, it is insane!

After dinner I spent my usual gym time cleanin the apt and makin it beautiful. After all that, I made the BF some dessert. I've totally been getting him into raw desserts and he can't get enough! Here we have raw carrot cake. I had a taste-testing bite of course. It was seriously just like eating carrot cake. Perfection!

My dessert was a breakfast slushie! 1/2 nana, strawberries, cherries, kale, spinach, chocolate almond milk, coco oil, brown rice protein and raisins.

Breakfast was perfect as always. Carob
chia pudding (just use carob almond milk instead of vanilla or chocolate) and ezekiel with almond-hemp spread and fig spread.

After that delicious feast, it was doggie walkin and gym time. Today was abs and 30 mins on the stair master for the am workout. Btw, my drop sets for upper body yesterday absolutely killed me, my arms were totally useless this morning!

I recovered from all that work with a tasty shake!
1/2 nana
1/2 pear
4 frozen pineapple chunks
1.5 leafs kale
1 scoop brown rice protein
2 tbsp
orange cinnamon almond milk
1 tbsp coco oil
1 tbsp ground flax

Have a lovely day guys. I'll be sittin around with my creepy diseased eye all day :(
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