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Phyllo Turkey Wrap

Posted Dec 08 2012 8:56am
Lately one of my favourite already-prepared ingredients are Phyllo (fillo) sheets. I found a great brand that sells organic whole wheat fillo sheets, and have been experimenting with all sorts of delicious edibles.

The first delicious phyllo recipe to share are turkey phyllo wraps!

This recipe requires a bit of prep, but it makes 10 wraps. I froze half, then placed in oven when re-cooking. Although you may have pre concieved ideas of phyllo sheets this recipe is actually very nutrious. One wrap is only approx 160 calories: 20g carbs (including veggies)/4g fat/12g protein These are delicious! I loved them topped with greek yogurt and salsa The oven crisps the phyllo sheets up beautifully!

Turkey Phyllo (Fillo) Wraps

Ingredients: Instructions
•10 phyllo sheets•500g lean ground turkey

•chopped tomatoes
•thinly chopped celery


•thinly sliced eggplant

SEASONINGS:•black pepper




•lemon squeeze

1)Thaw phyllo sheets in fridge overnight

2)In a frying pan cook lean ground turkey with the tomatoes, celery and seasonings.

3)Fold the phyllo sheet so it is a quarter of it’s size.

4)Place spinach on center of folded phyllo, top with turkey/tomato mixture. Place eggplant on top, squeeze with lemon, sprinkle with extra spices and fold.

5)Place in 350degF oven for 10-15minutes (until crispy)

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General Comments These are best enjoyed the same day as being prepared as phyllo sheets loose the crispy-ness after sitting in the fridge overnight.

What is your favourite already-prepared ingredients to cook/bake with?

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