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Personally, I'm anti-diet

Posted by Lis S.

I'm more for modifications and lifestyle changes than diets. A diet seems like something you start and end, meaning that at some point you won't be on the diet anymore and presumably will put back on the weight that you lost. I am really into moderation in my life. I like to be able to eat whatever I want, in moderation. And, much of the time, diets don't seem to allow that. The other thing is that there seems to be an unwritten understanding that you don't go on a diet except to fix a problem. While I am not always thrilled about the shape of my body, I like to treat it well and try to appreciate it. Eating well and adopting a healthy lifestyle seems nicer and more respectful to my body than telling myself I need to go on a diet.
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One side of my family is tall and lean, the other curvy. Throw in a divorce in the mix and one side is always trying me to look like the other side! I once told my grandparents, "I can't spend the rest of my life hating the way I look." You KNOW if you are happy or not. You KNOW if your photographs capture the real you or not. If your body is not relecting the real you, change it. But if you are happy, then surround yourself with people who appreciate you.
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